Alexisonfire (Pre-Crisis)

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Leader: yz_rules
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Data creazione: 21 Ago 2007
This group is for anyone who love Alexisonfire's music (Pre-Crisis) and/or hates Crisis.

This group is for anyone who love Alexisonfire's work before Crisis and/or hates Crisis. Alexisonfire used to be amazing. A brilliant band, with a blend of soft and screaming vocals with aweomse violent, exciting, energeic music and with blends of soft dreamy bits to show which sound just as good and just as thought about and meaningful. An overall brilliant and indivdual sound.

Then they realsed Crisis, a boreing, 'heard it all before' album. Just another pop album for the masses whose musical taste changes with the trends they follow. And now they want to kill "Screamo" they wern't even screamo to start with, it's just a stupid label for screamy emo...


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