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Can't get enough ripping, shredding, wah-wah or just overall goddamn awesomeness? Join this group!

First and foremost it should be made clear that this was also meant to be a social group. Eventually it would be ideal if there were enough members so that the group ran itself, but right now that's not necessarily a goal. Right now the goal is the growth of the group and maintaining the group's current status. In other words, I encourage all the members of this group to post threads and replies to threads, etc. as much as they want, even if this means an insanely annoying amount. I don't care! I just want this group to be active!

Secondly, do not post artist/guitarist suggestions in the shoutbox but rather in the appropriate thread ("Post Artist Suggestions Here"). Thanks!

Okay now that that's out of the way: none of that Dragonforce bullshit. Dragonforce doesn't even constitute as a band.

I have taken down the "some great guitarists" list. They are now listed in the connected artists list. I know ther are a few missing, but for the most part, if a guitarist isn't on that list, either they're not that great or I haven't heard enough from them to judge. (I try to check out all the artists I haven't heard of, but this sometimes gets to be a daunting task since I get a lot of suggestions; I also want to add that the best place to post artist/guitarist suggestions is in the "Artists Suggestions" thread.) shouldn't need a fucking subscription to Rolling Stone to tell you that, either...

1st member: marshmellow_man (leader)
10th member: fezzle
50th member: sharon_k2
100th member: rockmich (left the group)

welcome all!

As of Nov. 24th, 2008, I have reset the flah counter so that there would be more columns. This means that all previous page views have been lost.

Nov. 14th: We now have members from 25 countries! That's awesome! I'm very glad to see everyone who has joined so far. Maybe invite some friends! Cool, guys.

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