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Abbey Road Studios is a recording studio located at Abbey Road, St John's Wood, City of Westminster, London, England. It was established in November 1931...

Abbey Road Studios

Its not every day you have a chance to experience a piece of musical history,
and to be at Abbey Road Studios, is a probable privilege for any musician.

Abbey Road Studios Sign

Studio History
*****Abbey Road studios was bulit in 1831 as a Georgian Townhouse and were known as Electric and Musical Industries studios (EMI) until they formally changed their name to Abbey Road Studios in 1970, after the release of The Beatles record, respectivly.

Studio 2 became the centre of rock’n’roll music The Shadows recorded “Move It” in 1958, arguably the first European Rock Record.
*****The studio is closely related with The Beatles, and they were the ones to break traditional recording techniques that innovate the industry to this day; they had used the studio to its full potential.
*****Recent work includes Brit Pop Rock’n’Roll Group Oasis recorded their latter album Dig Out Your Soul in 2008.
*****Dig Out Your Soul Recording Sessions
*****The recording sessions of Dig Out Your Soul were due to begin in July 2007, on August Oasis were photographed outside of the studio.

The recordings were monitored and produced by Dave sardy. Before the initial first recordings U2 had been bought out of their reserved time by Noel Gallagher without the band’s knowledge.
*****Sessions were halted in September due to Noel’s birth of his son, the subsequently resumed on 5 November after this photo was posted on their band page.

From Left to right , Noel Gallagher, Gem Archer, Liam Gallagher, Andy Bell, and Zak Starkey pictured in Studio 2.
*****The band announced that they were in Los Angles to finish recording, and in August Reprise records announced that they would distribute the album to North America.

Cover art of Dig Out Your Soul.

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