Favorite video game genre?

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    • Set 3 2009, 1:23

    Favorite video game genre?

    There's not much discussion going on here so I thought it'd be cool to start one up. >o>

    So, as the title says, what's your favorite video game genre?

    My favorite genre is adventure, especially horror and mystery themed, games as well as RPG games, but I'm willing to try just about anything. I like simulation games as well. ^-^

  • Nice one Chibilnu :D

    For me it's adventure, and at the moment I'm really enjoying Syberia (which I managed to totally miss out on when it was released.) I do have an fps thing though, provided there's something special about it, for example the sense of humour in No One Lives Forever (1 and 2) and the everything that was Deus Ex.

    Actually, I guess I'll play anything, because I do love a fair few rpg's, although in general they aren't my thing.

  • First Person Shooters or Action-RPGs for me

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    • Set 7 2009, 15:04
    I'm a huge sucker for adventure games (I had a bit of King's Quest added to my milk bottle as a child!): Day of the Tentacle, the Monkey Island's, the Police Quest's, Return to Zork, Zork Nemesis, Zork Grand Inquisitor, Syberia 1& 2... And how could I forget The Longest Journey (and its sequel Dreamfall)!

    As I grew up and matured (at least, I'd like to think I matured a bit! ;) ), I went to play a lot of RPGs (Baldur's Gate, the Elder Scrolls series, etc).

    Once in a while, I'll play a FPS. There's nothing like blowing an alien to smithereens when you want to blow some steam!

  • Hey Eleima :)

    What do you reckon about the way they're meant to be releasing the third installment of The Longest Journey? In episodes apparently, if it happens at all...

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    • Set 8 2009, 15:37
    Please don't ask me that question: I'm either going to sob uncontrollably, or enter a fit of destruction and rage.

    Seriously though, I'm very disappointed that they've decided to go for the "Chapters" mode. It's something they (meaning the video game industry) used for the new Sam & Max (I bought season 1, but never got around the season 2, I don't even know if they released the other ones, I just lost interest), they're going to use it for the Tales of Monkey Island. I just don't see what's so great about releasing a game in Chapters. Except maybe milking the gamer for all the dollars/euro/pounds/yens/whatever he or she is worth. And worst yet, it would seem they'd rather release a "Longest Journey Universe MMORPG". That's, like, the last straw for me.

    Therefore, I certainly won't be holding my breath: in my mind, April survives after being saved and nursed back to health by Kian, Zoe finds Reza, they all save the world, pair off and marry, and live happily ever after. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it until Ragnar Tornquist says otherwise.

    Sooo, what do I reckon? I reckon I'm irked!... =D

  • Haha, you know what, I think you're preaching to the choir here. Although I enjoyed the new Sam and Max series, I just don't think that episodes are the best format for TLJ considering one of it's greatest features was an epic storyline.

    Although I guess if Tornquist ever gets around to finishing it, I have a sneaking suspicion not everyone pairs off so happily, as nice at it'd be :D

    EDIT: Oh wow, I'd forgotten about the apparent MMORPG. I'm not sure what to say about that one.

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    I can think of several things to say about the MMORPG: "please, please", "no, don't", "how could you", and several more tings which are a lot more colorful and would not be proper for this board.

    As for the pairings... well, you're probably right, and perhaps things won't end too well for Reza. But Zoe should take heart, there's still that yummy Damien!!! ;) I'm standing firm on my April-Kian pairing: April's not called the Lady Alvane at the end of Longest Journey for nothing!

    Buuuut..... enough with the OT. Yay for adventure games!!!! =)

  • RPG's and Adventures. Mostly RPG's though.

    One more thing, The Secret World, gay as it is, is not set in TLJ/Dreamfall world. And Ragnar has said in an interview not long ago that once TSW is out they'll definetly start serious work on Dreamfall Chapter. (yay)

  • Flight sims, mostly, but lately I found quite a bit of fun in sub sims too. I used to play strategy games but I think I'm on the brink of retirement as a general. My strategies never work anymore, so tally ho, bandits at tea time and up to the sky for me. Oh, and I still love Ultima Underworld and adventures like Monkey Island.

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  • Any sign of that elusive sub sim crack yet?

  • Oh, that's a chopper sim, not a sub sim but no, there is no sign of it anywhere. Impressive, but I probably won't bother looking for one if it will take 15 years to come up with one.

    You're here to LISTEN, not READ.
  • I used to love action and racing games, but after too many game cartridges being thrown against walls, I had to give those up. I stick with RPG's and simulations, they seem to be safer for my anger management. :)

  • I love old school adventure games (Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle, Gabriel Knight etc), and RPGs (Fallout, Daggerfall, Planescape: Torment, The Ultima Series, Avernum, Arx Fatalis, Chrono Trigger etc).

    I also play a lot of text adventures, and the occasional FPS or action adventure game.

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  • Hey nice! It's always great to see people still waving the Text Adventure Flag :D

    Welcome to the group Oceanwilde!

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