Artist Connection - any suggestions?

  • Artist Connection - any suggestions?

    If you have any ideas - write it here.

  • В заброшенных местах хорошо слушать всякие Dark Ambient и Dark Industrial, Noise тоже пойдет))

    Ich hab keine lust
  • nibbler13, а конкретнее? Есть какие-либо группы, которые ассоциируются у тебя с заброшенными местами?

  • Ich hab keine lust
  • Dark Ambient

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    • Mag 3 2011, 22:01
  • Thank you, they've been added.

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    • Ago 22 2011, 0:08
  • ommut Спасибо, добавила.

  • gentleandkind Thank you, it had been added.

  • depechedream Thank you, they've been added)

  • Currently my favourits:

    Irrlicht and Waves Under Water, but you could also connect Sixth June. A little bit of minimal-synth-darkwave would be refreshing for this group (if you ask me). ;)

  • VladdaMeer Thank you for your answer) Well, I think you're right, and some synth and darkwave music definintely deserves to be connected to the group. But I've found Irrlicht not depressive enough, and Waves Under Water is rather poppy (not bad, though!). But I also think that Sixth June matchs pretty well and I'm gonna connect it)))

  • Here`s some more suggestions:

    Oppenheimer Analysis
    If I remember more artists which could fit in with the Abandoned Places group charts I will suggest again. Sixth June is great artist. I cannot fed up with their music. Especially in last few months.....Oh, yeah, also my favourite Die Selektion, check them too. :)

  • One more:

    Lebanon Hanover
    I think they could really be excellent choice.....

  • VladdaMeer Thank you for you attention to this topic:)
    Well, I like the atmosphere of synth music and electroclash a lot, but I'm not so sure that this music fits perfectly with the abandoned theme... (Though I see that darkwave and synth are always on top of the weekly charts of the group)
    I've listened to all the groups that you had recommended (except Die Selektion), and I think that Lebanon Hanover is an excellent choice truly)) I'm gonna connect them) And Rebentisch is so nice, I'm gonna check it out, just for my own pleasure=)

  • Last Days

    -Entre mas conozco a los hombres mas quiero a mi computadora-
  • Diaphane
    Apparent Symmetry (kinda)

    You know what... nevermind with all of the others, just check this one out:

    -Entre mas conozco a los hombres mas quiero a mi computadora-
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    • Set 4 2012, 13:31
    you have Sephiroth connected but not Ulf Söderberg :?

  • Thank you very much for your interest!)))
    ricaaardo Thank you) I'd already added some of them, and now I've added the rest of them. And I'd checked out Näo - it's cool indeed, thanks!:)
    depechedream You always find something new and hot))) Thank you, they've been added.
    FloodSpectre Oh, how could I forgot them? The've been added now, thank you!)
    Ashei Now he is also in our connections, thank you!)

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