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Data creazione: 28 Apr 2008

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  • Slipknot1988

    hi I invite you to group

    30 Apr 2014 Rispondi
  • ibnyasir


    24 Ott 2009 Rispondi
  • ninjavsself

    been so long since I...

    26 Set 2009 Rispondi
  • csmeatwad


    25 Set 2009 Rispondi
  • superezekiel

    I miss this site :(

    23 Feb 2009 Rispondi
  • snow_spider

    where are you?? :[

    9 Feb 2009 Rispondi
  • shabootydotcom

    site's down?

    16 Dic 2008 Rispondi
  • FirstThugLife

    thank you :-) for creating a new blog. your awesome!!!! will the blog stay public or will we have to register?

    5 Nov 2008 Rispondi
  • youth_in_asia

    new blog group @

    3 Nov 2008 Rispondi
  • youth_in_asia

    okay joe/margot approved for blogging....others?? register yourselves at (as a co-author), or send me your login name for the site, and i'll set it up for you

    25 Ott 2008 Rispondi
  • MargotVellocet

    ooh I like the new name a lot. username: margotvellocet

    24 Ott 2008 Rispondi
  • csmeatwad


    24 Ott 2008 Rispondi
  • youth_in_asia

    oh, and the new name is The Sound Board....i hope you all like it, i do...a lot...haha

    24 Ott 2008 Rispondi
  • youth_in_asia

    okay, I ran over to because I thought of a new name that I loved and thought was pretty neutral, so contributors (derek/jpel/matt/margot/joe, etc - and any new kids), please head over there and register (it's incredibly quick), and message me/post here your new alias ala

    24 Ott 2008 Rispondi
  • jesspel

    what's going onnnnn?

    19 Ott 2008 Rispondi
  • theStarry

    Guys i you havent entirely decided on blogger, id recommend (like Rev9)- its a lot easier to post on than blogger was.. no html nonsense and even though its Swedish based, everything is in English. i dont know about admin requirements though.

    19 Ott 2008 Rispondi
  • ditta1988

    hey where's new blog? :( me needs music

    19 Ott 2008 Rispondi
  • derekhersh

    uh- a while back I was thinking about going solo- so I created a blog called "Fine + 2 Points" named after a Minus The Bear song that I enjoy. I suppose, if people are down with the drastic name change, we could use that... I like it. the url is: It's sort of unwieldy, but put it in your bookmarks and it'd be legit. I'm making it a free membership type of thing- and so if a few of the old admins- like azelia and them are down, hit me up and we'll get it started again.

    19 Ott 2008 Rispondi
  • derekhersh

    Definitely it should be back on blogger. Wordpress has some nice features, but it just isnt half as user friendly. And I always hated the name anacusic- and respected zilla less for it- so I'm down with moving in a new direction.

    19 Ott 2008 Rispondi
  • youth_in_asia

    haha how about Aural Sex? aural love?? cisucana's fun, but difficult to pronounce. high probability, though

    18 Ott 2008 Rispondi
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