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Just cant get enough of that African Dope? I guess its more than the dope, its the inbetween bits, the extra bits and the bits you find lying about!...

African Dope Records is an independent label from Cape Town, South Africa, releasing fresh beats and breaks by artists from Cape Town since April 2000. It is the brainchild of Cape Town beats n breaks dj/producer team Krushed & Sorted, who started and run the label from its HQ in the centre of Cape Town.

The label has grown rapidly from a couple of djs with a couple of crates of records and high ambitions, into the definitive voice of the new wave of South African music – colourblind, bass heavy, an exotic blend of third world style and first world production values. With a strong emphasis on high quality production made on low-budget gear, African Dope has clearly changed the way South Africans see the leftfield of SA music, and has almost single-handedly sparked a mini music revolution for groove-based beats in Cape Town and other cities.

This contribution to the SA music scene became official when the ‘African Dope Vol 1’ compilation won a 2002 SAMA award for ‘Best Dance Album’.

It began in early 2000 when Krushed & Sorted realized that a promising dj career in Cape Town was never going to progress without acess to tunes that weren’t available elsewhere – they needed to start producing and releasing their own tunes and developing a Cape Town sound. They assembled some basic pc gear and a sampler, and decided to move into a studio to start producing their own beats. A lucky break early on - making the music for a large tobacco corporation's cinema advertisement - brought in enough cash to set up the label and release the first cd - Krushed & Sorted's 'Acid ™ Made Me Do It'.

The album was extremely well received by the local press, and sparked enough interest and well-paid commissioned work for the label to expand its horizons. African Dope signed Moodphase5ive - a 6 piece live funk/soul/jazz/hiphop/dub outfit, and Felix Laband - a pc-based ambient/electronica producer with unique sense of melody and quirk, and released Moodphase5ive's debut album 'Steady On' (december 2000) and Felix Laband's debut album 'Thin Shoes In June' (march 2001) to the same critical and popular acclaim.

Outside of South Africa, in April 2001 African Dope secured a distribution deal through Lowlands Distribution in Belgium, which reaches the Benelux countries and on export to most major territories. Distribution and promotion arrangements have followed all over the world – check the XXXXXXX DOPEDEALERS page for more details.

In the meantime, African Dope continues to work closely with the booming film and advertising industries in Cape Town - making original music and providing sound design and licensing services to a wide range of local and international clients, and thereby providing the fuel that keeps the label's engine burning.

Towards the end of 2001, African Dope signed and released the first new album in 13 years from the original South African electronics pioneer Kalahari Surfers, called 'Akasic Record'. The success of these releases inevitably attracted the attention of a major label, and in november 2001 African Dope licensed a compilation - 'African Dope Vol 1' - to Sony Music SA. The album features new tracks from Felix Laband and Kalahari Surfers, remixes of Moodphase5ive, and introduces the next wave of African Dope artists - Mime, Syllabic, Ghettomuffin, Anti-Hero, Craig Damster and others…

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