What do you thikn about A-Teens???

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    • Ago 4 2009, 22:44

    What do you thikn about A-Teens???

    I am very curious what you think about A-Teens...

    Honestly, I heard only one song their performance "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!", even not to bad... but no one will replace the old ABBA xD and A-Teens - they look terrible ;P the guys are so gay!

  • No. I don't like people. who spoil Abba style.

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    • Giu 12 2011, 22:13
    They're not horrible, but like almost all covers, they simply don't compare to the original. I wouldn't mind checking out some of their original material, though.

  • It's nice covers for teens)

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