FAQ: Why this =Plaid= community?

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    • Lug 14 2009, 23:57

    FAQ: Why this =Plaid= community?

    The community appeared for the following reasons:

    1/ The new members have no possibility to join the other Plaid community that first appeared on last.fm, there's restricted access and no leader who could've accepted the request to join. Practically, the entry is closed.

    2/ This is an open community with anyone free to join at will without having to wait for a leader approval. We consider such limitations unfair while the main purpose for such communities is to bring fans and people of similar taste together. Such limitations should be applied in case when new ideas or name are used.

    3/ We are not opposed to anyone, and are not after struggling any person or band, but we are open to any new members.
    Many artists have many alternative sites including the ones on last.fm, and initiation of this community is no exception to such rule.
    Every person is free to enter any community they like

    We are happy to promote and recommend Plaid music, attract new listeners, share any news and fun about the Group. You may contribute by joining so that our community appears in your profile. Thank you!

    PS the first point is no longer the issue, so feel free to either join this group or the other one, and thanks for reading this :)

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