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Como eu faço para virar moderador da Last.Fm?

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    • Ott 22 2011, 23:40

    Como eu faço para virar moderador da Last.Fm?

    Estou interessado, alguem pode me disser como isso é possivel?

  • Hi, thanks for taking interest.

    We don't typically accept direct applications, but people who do the following stand a much greater chance of standing out:

    • Pro-actively help people on the support forums.
    • Report abuse to or the moderation team, and help with translation if necessary.
    • A history of good wiki and tag contributions
    • A history of flagging incorrect images and events.
    • Demonstrate a good understanding of the website, it's users, and our rules.

    Personal qualities we look for:

    • Multilingual - you need to be fluent in both Portuguese and English
    • Trustworthy, tactful, and professional. You need be comfortable with handling responsibility and ok with keeping things confidential.
    • A good sense of humour and demonstrate a friendly, approachable manner, as well as a desire to help others.
    • Non-judgemental - this means making decisions based on observable behaviour, evidence, and facts; not rumours and personal opinions.
    • Thick skin - moderators aren't the most popular people in the world. You need to be comfortable sending people warnings for breaking our guidelines, and not take insults personally.

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