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Change capitalisation of artist name

  • Change capitalisation of artist name

    our band has changed its name and it would be nice for it to be reflected on, if possible. A simple permanent redirection would do, but I must admit, I wouldn't mind if stats could be transfered as well as tags and all that :) But a redirect would do.

    Also, I've noticed that when I upload the Artist Image the quality gets degraded, I noticed that since it's the same image for both artists. The old image quality is a lot better, but it is the same file that upload... Fuga y mysterio...

    Thank you!

    Modificato da pellitero in data Mar 10 2014, 16:44
  • Hi,

    We've now set up a redirection for you, however unfortunately it's not possible to merge plays and tags.


  • Thanks Helen! That was fast! :)

  • Hi,

    No problems.


    • STAKk ha detto...
    • Utente
    • Giu 6 2009, 8:46

    same problem

    Can you make a redirect for us too, please?
    Old name:
    is changed to:

  • done


    Modificato da GravasDeMarisa in data Giu 20 2009, 14:16
    • gufv ha detto...
    • Utente
    • Giu 7 2009, 18:24

    We need to change one of our artists name to!

    The page for Fredrik Ståhl now says "fredrik ståhl". It should be "Fredrik Ståhl".

    • infi90 ha detto...
    • Utente
    • Giu 8 2009, 13:09

    Rename the artist name

    My main artist name in LastFm manager is
    I would like to leave him alone in Concomitance.
    There is another page:
    How can I change it or join it?

    • w0lfman ha detto...
    • Utente
    • Giu 8 2009, 15:19


    Hello -- same problem as gufv above, my artist page has the name in lowercase. Would you be able to change it to Brutalist:


    in vino veritas
  • Another lower case band name

    Same "lower case" problem here. Current:

    Should be (URL and actual band name listed on the artist page):

    BTW, how this happened: when I first arrived at the site I searched is all lower case (as I always do in search engines) and it said "not found, want to claim it?" This started the registration process, but I did not realize I would never be given the opportunity to set or change the band name! I think that is a bug in your Manager software.

    • Orwin18 ha detto...
    • Utente
    • Giu 13 2009, 22:30

    Same problem

    need it to be Undivided rather than UnDivided

  • Same

    • inkypen ha detto...
    • Utente
    • Lug 28 2009, 6:07
    Could you please change Aviv Cohn to The Widest Smiling Faces(is it also possible to rename "The Widest Smiling Faces" to "the Widest Smiling Faces"?)

    Thank you

    I know that the Widest Smiling Faces is claimed by the account Widest Smiles, both are my accounts, I'll log in and post under that account to confirm. Thank you

  • Thanks, just hoping you can switch the name, artwork, albums etc, from Aviv Cohn to The Widest Smiling Faces

    Thank you.

    • shiv666 ha detto...
    • Utente
    • Lug 28 2009, 11:02
    Can you switch name of the band



    Thank You : )

  • oh please

    can you also change
    Chantin Kings & Mo Beas
    Chantin Kings Allstars


  • Hello. Can you please change artist name 'Deframe' to 'Deframe Court' with the upper case? There is a Polish wiki page for the old name Deframe, but Deframe Court is the new name. I'd just like my old plays for Deframe to switch over. Thanks!

  • Hi,

    STAKk: we cannot set a redirect from Wisp to Weesp, because there's another artist named Wisp.

    All capitalisation requests should have been done.

    For redirection requests of your own artists: we can redirect pages, but please note that plays, albums etc. will not be moved over. You'll need to manually delete these from the old pages and reupload them using the correct names - please let us know if you'd still like us to put the redirects in place.


  • Change artist / label name


    My artist / label name is showing up as native%20horizon when it should in fact be Native Horizon

    Please can you change

  • Change/Artist/Delete Info

    I use this page for my band

    but it's taken over by a band:
    because of tagging issues

    is there any way to delete the other bands info off our page,
    & change our name to have the What Happens Next
    W H & N Capitalized?
    twitter: @IllNoize773
    instagram: @illnoize_nv
  • Lower-case

    If possible, could our name be changed to all lower-case please?
    From RainFallDown to rainfalldown


  • Change Artist Name

    My band changed its name from Altamira to Many Arms. Is there any way the name can be changed. A fan started our site not me.

    • PLAOTO ha detto...
    • Utente
    • Ago 16 2009, 18:30

    Capitalisation change


    For some reason my band's name in the profile page is written incorrectly. It's now Keep The Change, Despair but it should be Keep The Change, Despair.


    Thank you very much already!

  • Capital Letters

    If possible, could you change our artists name

    from benjo kindhardt

    to Benjo Kindhardt

    Many thanks

    • jfis ha detto...
    • Utente
    • Ago 23 2009, 7:08


    why not just add support to let users change capitalization themselves?

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