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How to: Make the Most of

  • How to: Make the Most of

    New to, or just want to make sure you're doing everything you can to promote your music? This guide should help!

    Start scrobbling!

    Most collaborative editing features on the site are only accessible to fully-fledged members, (new or infrequent users, please read here). This is to protect the site and catalogue from being vandalised.

    If you haven't done so already, start by adding your favourite artists (as many as possible) to your library. Then play this, or any of the other stations (while logged in on the site) to start scrobbling for a couple of days.

    If you are a Spotify user, simply add your account details on the spotify account settings and return after a couple of days.

    You can also connect our scrobbling app to your computer media players or add your account details to any of other streaming services. artist pages artist pages can not be managed in its entirety by an artist, neither have a dedicated login. collects the artist, track and album name of the music that its users listen to, and automatically creates a page on which the statistics for these items can be shown.

    Finding that we have an artist page for your music does not mean that we have any of your music audio files for streaming or downloading. We simply have statistics that "x" many people listened to your music, and nothing else.

    If you have YouTube videos/audio of your songs, embed them on their track pages by adding the URL there. They might even come up already embedded on your front page if they are played often enough from the individual track pages.

    Keep your releases up to date uploading artist images and album artwork (new or infrequent users, please read here). New releases can be added through MusicBrainz.

    When writing a bio for your artist use Factbox tags in the wiki to highlight relevant info including band members, location, and one official website.

    This way if someone ends up on your profile they won't be confronted with an empty page, and may well have a listen.

    Your music

    Once you have scrobbled enough artists and tracks to your user account library (usually after a couple of days, depending on the amount of time you listen to music), you should be able to access the edit links for your catalogue.

    To add youtube content to songs, go to their individual tracks pages and add the youtube url of the song (new or infrequent users, please read here)

    To add content on Spotify, please visit their Spotify Artist info page.

    Your artist’s music being scrobbled

    Making sure your artist is being scrobbled is an essential first step towards making an impact on Some features on work better when you have reached a certain amount of listeners, so this is important.

    Recommend your fans and friends who listen to your music, to "scrobble" through their computer media players scrobbling app or other streaming services.

    Tag Your Artists, Albums and Tracks

    A way of making sure your artists get played and discovered by users is by tagging them. There are buttons to do this on artist, track and album pages, as well as in the players themselves. Tags can be genres, moods, personal notes, anything really! Get your friends and as many people as possible, to tag your music - and remember that tags need to have been listened first to have proper weighting.

    Get Involved! is a huge community of music lovers - join them. Please read the main site FAQ and have an explore, to understand, its features, and its users better.

    Hope this helps!

    - Music Team

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