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I Can't Scrobble (Tried EVERYTHING!)

  • I Can't Scrobble (Tried EVERYTHING!)

    Okay, so I haven't been able to scrobble for six hours and I have no idea what's up. I went to close my iTunes because I didn't want to listen anymore and it popped back up and the "Scrobbling Now" pop-up came up like 3 times in a row and then I used the task manager to close and iTunes.

    I have been trying to scrobble again for the past 4 hours and NOTHING is working. I uninstalled it, shut off my computer, re-installed it. I tried installing the new beta version, I tried updating iTunes, I tried changing my password, I've tried deleting my last couple of plays. Nothing seems to work.

    Are any of the staff members able to help me?! :(

  • Oh, and it says what song I am listening to. It just doesn't save.

  • Tried scrobbling with my iPhone and that didn't work either. :| So is there something wrong with my actual account?

  • Also, the scrobbles are appearing on the desktop app. It shows a list of all the songs I listened to and got "scrobbled"; they just aren't appearing on the site.

  • It just kinda fixed itself. Thanks anyways! :D

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    Same problem and It has been for 3 weeks...

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  • Yeah mines doing the same, doesn't save unless i'm listening to a radio station. Been about a week now :(

    Dylan forever!
  • Windows Media Player won't scrobble for me

    I use WMP sometimes, and it used to scrobble fine, but I noticed today that it isn't scrobbling, it does SAY it scrobbled the track, but doesn't actually do that.

    I use Google Play (Music) most all of the time on my computer though, and I use Better Google Music plugin connected to my account and THAT scrobbles fine.

    I use Simple Scrobbler on my Android Phone with Google Play (Music) and that scrobbles fine as well.

    Today with WMP I closed (exit) the client, then restarted WMP as well. It "looks" like client is connected and scrobbling, but it doesn't actually send the scrobbled info. I then restarted the computer and nothing changed. Uninstalling isn't going to do it for me since it's nothing I did, it worked last time I used it before today, when that was, not sure, sometime in the last month.

    I'll just give up until ... it just works when I forget about it and use WMP, or a new version of LFM is available that works.

  • Try the new client version. Note: You will need to uninstall the old version.

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  • I don't want a BETA, at this point I'm good to just use the scrobblers that work for me with Google Play.

  • I tried the beta, and still hasn't fixed it.

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