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February 7th announcement - Future of streaming on mobile and hardware devices.

  • akrde said:
    massdosage said:
    @akrde - that's a very old post from Russ. We've actually managed to make a lot more content available on mobile clients than was available when he said that.

    But mobile content still is limited, isn't it?

    And what does "a lot more content" mean? How much content is available on mobile radios compared to the web/desktop player actually?

    @akrde - I cannot give you numbers on mobile content as the situation changes regularly depending on the legal landscape and the current state of our deals with the record labels, some of whom see no reason to distinguish between the client platform in question and others who do. Global music licensing is a complicated minefield.

  • waynefullerton said:
    I will gladly RE-subscribe if you fix the Android App that has been broken and not listenable since last summer. I would also like a customer-service guarantee that you will refund any days (yes, daily rate) for any day the Android app is broken again (Yes, again, you have set the expectation that it will break again!).

    We are working on this one. It's a bit tricky as on Android we don't actually have client side control over how the Android media player requests the streams so in certain cases it makes requests that our streaming servers can't currently handle. So to fix this we need to modify our streaming servers (something we don't take lightly) but we hope to have a first go at a fix for this out this month.

    • Range341 ha detto...
    • Utente
    • Feb 7 2011, 17:38
    I was actually going to complain about this announcement, but since you guys provided a free subscription I digress. That's definitely a fair gesture on your part. Thank you guys for providing me with such a wonderful radio for the past 6 years. :)

  • Buh-Bye

    Nail in the coffin.

  • Aw

    Sorry you can't keep it free. I know times are tough, but they are for us as well! Will be using other online music instead like Pandora :(

    I would seriously consider finding a way to keep it free ... maybe limit the number of hours per week you can stream for free, or something like that.

    • onodrim ha detto...
    • Utente
    • Feb 7 2011, 18:29


    If you're going to create a subscriber based system, may I please offer a subscription request? Please let us change usernames! This is a feature I've been wanting for years. If that is enabled I may consider staying with and paying for the subscription. Otherwise I'm not sure that the price is worth it considering I can access my music on my android device in a multitude of other ways, for free. Thank you!

    • LiEs03 ha detto...
    • Utente
    • Feb 7 2011, 18:30
    Well I already pay for Pandora, so it was a good run If everyone jumps to pandora I doubt they could handle the free bandwidth as well. They might also start charging if it gets crowded.

    U gud? u guuud.

  • already a sub

    Hi, for all of us already subscribed, does the 3 month free offer benefit us in any way? Like adding 3 months to our expiration date or not charging us the next 3?

  • I see is still removing features and adding cost. That's not how you gain customers. That's not how you gain profit. Pandora is profitable due to relevant and properly targeted audio ads. Even after all of these years, seems unwilling to increase profitability. You don't create new customers by shitting on the potential customer pool. Removing value (removing features, restricting catalogue, taking payola) and increasing cost (first, limit free streaming to US customers, then limit it further to no free device streaming), is a sure way into bankruptcy. Provide something worth paying for.

    XM streaming is 12 bucks a month, and you get 100+ stations each of which offer a lot more variety than any one station offers.

    Pandora is $3/mo and includes finely tuned attributes to find truly similar music, as opposed to the flawed tagging system uses. (Well, technically, it's free with ads, but you can pay $3/mo to get rid of them)

    Grooveshark lets you play what you want when you want and lets you build custom playlists for $9/mo.

    What does provide that's worth paying for? The same 20 songs playing over and over? I can get that by burning a CD.

  • Wow horrible news. Time to switch I guess. Sad to do it but I don't need another bill right now

  • Re:Re: Interesting

    mrsheret said:
    Essentially because some of the devices that are part of this change just can't support advertising, and streaming isn't without cost. The exception you've mentioned there is down to Windows subsidising that feature for the WinMob7 launch.

    Could you please explain the claim that these devices "just can't support advertising"? I see graphical advertisements in Android apps all the time, and as a developer, I can't imagine any reason why you'd be unable to make the app play an occasional audio ad between songs. If you need help with that, I'm sure someone on the Android developer forums would be happy to provide it.

  • I feel cheated

    So I recently found you, thought it was brilliant and subscribed. Every day, however, I am finding more and more disappointments. The radio streaming I loved 3 days ago is now not allowed, BB is no longer supported, mobile is quickly fading as well... Is there a point??? Why on earth did I bother to subscribe in the first place? I can't even play all my loved songs again. I feel so cheated.

  • Ironic Android

    Guess that goes to show how often I listen to on my android device? I always figured my specific network was being shitty about the music requests, not that your service was incompatible with my phone. To be honest with you, I was starting to prefer your services to pandora's and subsonic, both of which I also have on my phone; I've been back and forth for months now on whether or not to subscribe to Pandora and Subsonic is not what it's cracked up to be.

    Here's the thing: You guys rock. You really do. With Pandora, if I 'thumbs up' a song just once, it is beaten to death on my stations. I also can't seem to get their servers to distinguish between the fact that I've built a station for just female vocalists and one for just male. I've always appreciated that your service does an excellent job of sorting through something, such as this, that shouldn't be that complicated.

    Your servers, on the other hand, do a fantastic job of mixing music that I already own, in with suggestions of other artists. I've always liked this, because unlike other users here, I don't get the same 20 songs over and over again. This could be due to the fact that I had a lot more time on my hands then and spent a great portion of it tweaking the things I chose to scrobble and love and tag and so on.... I've given the same attention to Pandora, but some of their stuff isn't catching on.. haha

    I am very grateful you all have taken an initiative of extending 3 free months to those of us that have stuck around; Then again, that's $9, but hey! it is the thought that counts :) I can honestly say that I will be giving you a shot and we'll see how things pan out from here.

    The irony lies in the fact that I now have knowledge that your service is incompatible with my device AND there seems to be some issues with gaining access to loved tracks and certain artists? Guess I'll have to do my homework on that.

    I certainly won't abandon you guys completely! You're keeping the web based player and desktop app free. However, if you want my $3 a month, which I'm not in a grudge about giving to you, you're going to have to fix this android problem. Otherwise, 3 months from now will be when I stop tuning in too.

    Keep your chin up fellas :) It's just competition.
    To all the other users, relax a little.

    • Kiraku ha detto...
    • Utente
    • Feb 7 2011, 19:59

    Dissatisfied customer after 5 years...

    This is ridiculous. It all comes down to the money. I absolutely LOVED using Last.FM for the past 5 years. I was stoked when the app came to Android and the Xbox, and I used it everyday to listen to my favorite music in my car, at work, on my game console, and even while I'm working out! I even told others about this great place and encouraged them to sign up. But now, you guys start charging for this service for other devices when there are tons of other music-streaming apps out there you can use for free.

    If you guys need money, then put ad slots in, if you have to! There are tons of other ways to make money without having to charge the userbase. I, like most people here, have other bills to pay and don't have the money to be shelling out for a subscription-based music-streaming service, and I'd hate to see go under because over half the userbase leaves over this absolute BS... but such is the fate of great companies.

    Never underestimate the power of money. You guys @ will find that you've shot yourselves in the foot with this one.

    I'm one VERY dissatisfied customer after 5 years of using your service.

  • Bad Move

    I am a daily user of the iphone app & am disappointed with the change. Surely a decent ad-based free service would have been the best option.
    Whilst I appreciate the free 3 month subscription offer (which I will use) i can imagine your user base drastically declining as a result of your action.
    The free Windows 7 mobile subscription sucks too - nobody I know has a windows phone & if this a Microsoft effort to sell their phones it just shows how desperate they are.
    I will probably continue to use the web-based service for as long as it remains free but am unlikely to pay a mobile subscription. Sorry it just won't work guys....

    • kolobear ha detto...
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    • Feb 7 2011, 20:09

    Limited Data Plans = Bad

    The only time I use is on my mobile device. Since AT&T limited my data I use it even less (would use more with higher data limits). This cascades down to my decision to be a paid subscriber to

    I'm not going to pay for on my mobile because I don't have enough data in my phone plan to make it worthwhile.

    So, I understand the need to go to pay only and the service has so far been worth it. However I cannot pay for the service because I won't get enough time to enjoy due to the limited amounts of data I can access on my mobile devices.

    This is only a concern when not on wifi, but that's the majority of the time I'm using the service.

    • proclam ha detto...
    • Utente
    • Feb 7 2011, 20:25


    I'll try and be an optimist here. At least I get three more months. Reality check though, that's all. No more from there on out. I for one will miss it. I know it's only three bucks, but my budget is razor thin as is.

  • Paying for Xbox Live should allow you to access all apps.

    I loved using over Pandora as you guys actually have comedy tracks available, and I love listening to a Patton Oswalt station, etc. Now I have to pay for this service on my iPhone? I understand everyone has to make money, but I'm already paying my Xbox Live subscription fee which allows me to access on my console...that in my opinion should grant me access to the iPhone and Android apps as well. I'm not paying you twice.

  • See Ya

    It's a shame but there are too many music sites offering limitless variety and no interruptions to use Last.FM any further.
    See Ya - It WAS fun

  • Re: Ironic Android

    PinkNBlack21 said:

    The irony lies in the fact that I now have knowledge that your service is incompatible with my device AND there seems to be some issues with gaining access to loved tracks and certain artists? Guess I'll have to do my homework on that.

    I certainly won't abandon you guys completely! You're keeping the web based player and desktop app free. However, if you want my $3 a month, which I'm not in a grudge about giving to you, you're going to have to fix this android problem. Otherwise, 3 months from now will be when I stop tuning in too.

    Keep your chin up fellas :) It's just competition.
    To all the other users, relax a little.

    I completely agree. I started using the LastFM app on my Droid, which is a little wonky at times but works pretty well most of the time. This really sucks, $36 a year or switching to a crappier free mobile app from a competitor.

    Also, my Droid Incredible automatically scrobbles any pre-loaded songs I've synced to my SD card. I guess I won't be able to do this any more either.


  • Only nice to have

    Why should I pay for music services where I cannot decide exactly which artist or which song I want to hear? Have to say goodbye then.

    • OrganRed ha detto...
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    • Feb 7 2011, 21:14

    My Music is Free Music

    I pay for my Xbox live subscription and I've used Lastfm on there plenty of times because it's versatile. Even on my Ipod touch I listen to it and take it with me to parties, friend's houses ect. Because it's versatile. I even recommended Lastfm to my friends over other internet radio stations.

    Thank you for the free 3 months but after that I'm gone.

  • owell

    we all need money.... try inserting ads. sounds like 1/2 the peeps threatening to leave, would stay if there were just ads to bare thru.
    i too had a hell of a time with my android (g1) last summer (any song over 5mins would freeze the app). to others suffering: try unloading app and reinstall... it didnt work for me then... but then it did sometime this last winter.
    now i have a new problem with the desktop/pc version... it only plays 2 songs at a time between "are you still listening" prompts. soooo annoying!
    there are so many free music venues across the world... maybe romania has a nice one. maybe is spending too much on rent in a overpriced real estate location. try moving to the sticks.

  • Long time user: a bit disapointed, quality of sound isnt consistent, 3 months?

    Let me start off by saying that i enjoy what has done for me. Not necesarily with the online streaming but with the stats it keeps for me. It lets me look back and see how my flavor of music changed throughout time. I can see when i started to like a certain song more and how long i really did enjoy listening it for.

    I use my phone as my MP3 player on my way to work and at work. I don't forget my phone much but once in a while i will. This is when i turn to for my personalized channel. I listen to my personalized station while im at work and not at home since I have my music at home. I've always liked the personalized station because it plays what I have and doesn't venture too far off from my list.

    Now it seems we have to pay for this feature on certain devices. This disapointed me. I rarely used the personalized station and now that its going to include a fee is not good news. If wants to charge users needs to fix the quality of their music. I will not be paying for this service. already makes their money by me scrobbing so much, im sure uses my music data/information to make money. This is why scrobbing is, of course, staying free.

    This new change will not do much to me since i only use the personalized station once in while but im sure it will impact other users.

    Someone earlier asked why Windows 7 Phones are excluded: im sure its because they struck a deal with Microsoft which excludes the Windows 7 phone users from having to pay, think of it like a perk for buying a windows 7 phone. They didnt strike a deal with google so they wont offer free of charge for android users.

    I have one question!!!: The email i received said "In taking this decision, we have given a lot of thought to how this impacts some of our early adopters and long-time users like you. We truly appreciate what you have meant to our growth and success, and offer you the following as a token of our thanks;
    A free 3 month subscription to"

    I really focused on the LONG TIME USERs part, who here got more than 3 months? ive been using since 2006 and i have more than 55k scrobbed songs and i only got 3 months? really? or was this just a generic email sent to everyone?

    Bay Area California
    • m0therr ha detto...
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    • Feb 7 2011, 22:02

    Squeezebox user

    might be a stupid question but after reading the FAQ i still can't see what i'm going to gain by becoming a subscriber. can anyone confirm if i can play my loved tracks or anything like that..or is it going to be the same service as i've had for the last year.. but it now needs paying for?

    i guess i'll find out with the 3 month freebie (thanks) but it'd be nice to know.

    to sum up; i loved the free service, i accept that ad-free needs paying for, but if i must pay i;d like some new features/functionality please.

    (a black icon doesn't count)

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