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LastFM has decided I only like classical

  • LastFM has decided I only like classical

    My tastes are varied, but my main preference is probably alternative/indie.

    However I do like a bit of classical now and again so I added a few I liked to to my library. Since then the Last FM algorithm has decided to pretty much only recommend me classical music, my neighbors are predominantly classical buffs and it's getting to the point where LastFM for me has turned into ClassicFM.

    I'm not sure if this is LastFM trying to shove some culture my way, but can anyone tell me if there is a way to "dial down" a particular category?

    My moods for music change, and it would be quite nice to have some way of that being reflected, maybe we could set up mood radio stations?


    P.S Please get rid of the reCaptcha, it's almost impossible to read even with 20/20 eyesight.

    • Babs_05 ha detto...
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    • Gen 12 2012, 15:45
    It's probably because you just recently added them, so the algorithms are giving them priority (at a guess). Could try adding new music you prefer, see how that changes things.

  • Thanks Babs, I have added new non-classical since then. Unfortunately when I play my mix radio it keeps suggesting yet more classical which then get scrobbled and I'm back in the same situation.

    Maybe I'll have to play lots of non-classical manually for a while.

    I do like the idea of being able to dial up or down certain categories though.

  • LaughingJohn said:

    Maybe I'll have to play lots of non-classical manually for a while.
    You could also try one of the other radio stations;
    or maybe use to combine different stations (eg your mix radio without the classical tag)

  • same problem

    I got exactly the same problem! Has anyone solved this? Its better than if it played dnb all the time but anyway, id like to listen also some chillout, trip hop and other stuff i like

  • I've had this problem a number of times. My current solution has been to remove the excess artists from my recommendations.

    1. Go to this page:

    2. Click the category/tag of the overplayed music.

    3. If that tag does not appear on a button, you can add it in your browser's address bar as follows: (using a + in place of a space).

    4. Dismiss most (or all) of the recs under the undesired tag. Also take notice of "similar artists from your library" listed in the right column. Remove any of those you don't like from your library (especially if they are repeatedly causing bad recs for you).

    Expect this to have a noticeable effect on your "Mix Radio" and recommendations station. You can further enhance the effect by doing as bengt_bangt suggests, playing other stations such as an artist radio of a type of music you would like to replace what you just removed. You may need to repeat the steps above in a few days or weeks if more artists are recommended under that tag.

    LaughingJohn said:
    I do like the idea of being able to dial up or down certain categories though.
    Yes, I have been wanting this. It would be a great feature and much more ideal than having to dismiss the recs you may want to hear (if only less often).

    • headey ha detto...
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    • Mag 29 2012, 10:19
    bengt_bangt said:
    ...or maybe use to combine different stations (eg your mix radio without the classical tag)
    Though I find the 'not' function is not always effective.
    But the 'and' works well to filter another station to what you DO want.

    btw for some reason works best with your set to 'I like my radio as it is.'

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    • nyharel ha detto...
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    • Giu 28 2012, 11:35
    I had a similar problem with "new age" piano music - I'm not particularly fond of this music genere, but since it's usually tolerable, I don't often "ban" these songs, which caused the percentage of this music playing to grow to almost 100% of the time :( I had to start massively "banning" every piece of piano music played to me before Last.Fm returned to a normal mix of the music types that I like.
    I think Last.Fm's recommendation algorithm is broken in this regard. If it knows that my library is, say, 50% new-age, and my favorites are, say, 5% new-age, there is no reason why the algorithm should "conclude" that my interests shifted to new-age, and start playing 99% new-age music. Quite the contrary - my interests DO NOT SHIFT, and if only 5% of my loved tracks are new-age, I don't want to hear them more than 5% of the time. If my interests do shift eventually, I will need to cause the percentages to change - by explicitly "love"ing songs I newly like, "ban"ing songs I no longer like, and deliberately listeneing to songs from specific tag or artist radios.

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