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    • Dic 7 2011, 15:50 for Facebook


    There's a tonne of information out there when you search e.g. Google for " facebook", however none of it seems to get to the heart of my question.

    I listen to music through my laptop (Winamp), living room hi-fi (SqueezeCenter), iPhone (iPeng / iPod app), all of which scrobbles to my

    All I want to do is to share my listens on Facebook, in the new little ticker. Much like you see when someone listens to a piece of music on Spotify.

    I don't want every damned track play to show up on my Facebook wall / timeline. Just the ticker. Right?

    I've used various apps for Facebook in the past, they have either stopped working or don't do what I want them to do.

    Am I missing something?

    I don't even mind somehow integrating Spotify with to achieve the above, but I don't want to pay for Spotify, nor do I want to listen to music "online", but instead either from my own personal music collection (home server) or iPod, or whatever.



  • This does kind of depend upon what facebook do with Timeline, and how we want's data to interact with it in the best way for everyone, which is undecided at present.

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    • Dic 8 2011, 16:18
    I enabled Facebook Timeline today and expected to be able to find something similar to the Spotify ticker to be available for Honestly quite surprised there isn't.

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    • Dic 8 2011, 16:48


    completely agree. i've been looking for it too.

  • It would be great if you could let us know exactly what type of data you want to see in an official app. :)

  • Moving to the feedback forum...

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    • Dic 9 2011, 0:16
    I could see something like the mini-charts used as signatures in the forums which show the 5 or so most recently played tracks. I would want to have to actively send this chart to Facebook. I see no reason to automatically flood my status with anywhere up to 80 or so tracks a day listened to.

    Both MOG and rdio (and maybe other services as well) have Facebook apps that post what you are listening to in your status. I do not listen to either service so I don't know much about them except you activate the apps from within Facebook.

    Music, like language, is universal.
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    • Dic 9 2011, 8:08
    Lame id. Idk, I don't like it. But kudos though if theres any are working on it.

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    • Dic 10 2011, 16:31
    Lame id?

    Huh? What does that even mean?

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    • Dic 10 2011, 23:50
    Section's title - Feedback and Ideas

  • I've ended up on this page after trying to work out if you can get to add itself to the ticker on the right hand side but im guessing you cant? Like everyone else I have absolutely no wish to add the 50+ tracks I listen to a day onto my actual facebook profile. Is such a feature available, in development, or what?

  • I'd like this too.

    • jimbz ha detto...
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    • Dic 12 2011, 13:08
    Just a short +1 message for Spotify-like timeline integration

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    • Dic 12 2011, 21:58
    jimbz said:
    Just a short +1 message for Spotify-like timeline integration

    Facebook is introducing a timeline function. I don't know if integration with that would be possible or not.

    Music, like language, is universal.
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    • Dic 15 2011, 15:24

    How about this app?

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  • Re: How about this app?

    ShaneyMac said:

    I've been testing this app for a few months now - it's does pretty much what you'd expect from it. There are technical constraints though (regarding the number of calls made to our api, which can potentially affect the rest of the site), which need to be resolved before the author can make this public.

    Also, as Knapster01 said, we have to decide how we want's data to interact with Facebook in the best way for everyone. We don't want it to get too spammy - a lot of people find the Spotify ticker integration too noisy, as it floods the ticker. So we'd definitely appreciate your feedback on this - what kind of interactions would you like to see published on Facebook and how frequently? (I don't mean just scrobbles, but loved tracks, charts, playlists, wiki edits, etc)

    Incidentally, there are already several terrific facebook apps for publishing your weekly / monthly charts, and loved tracks

  • As an example for too much noise the Myspace connection to Facebook posts each song that I listen to on Myspace to my personal Facebook message stream/wall. So each new song results in a new posting on Facebook which is way too much in my opinion. Myspace itself collects the info about played songs in a group posting to their own message stream which makes more sense. And recently they included a "details" option to the Music section of your published activities where you can disable updating the message stream with played songs altogether which is good news.

  • Maybe just an aggregate of 5, 10, 15, or ___ songs that get "scrobbled" to the Facebook API (Open Graph or whatever) at intervals? Let users choose the intervals and how many songs get sent? Just an idea.

    For another idea, I for one wouldn't mind sending almost every song to Facebook if they were in a box showing a certain number (again configurable either here or on whatever options pages Facebook offers for such a thing), and then a big button saying "More" and linking to my listening history. Then an option for posting that box at XX intervals.

  • I would like my gig history and new gigs "I'm going to" to be shown on facebook please.

  • I just want it to work the same way the Spotify app does, showing what you are listening to and maintain the stats, nothing fancy, please make it work

  • I'd like something like this, too.

  • This is really 'essential' feature, I wish to be able to sync my scrobbles to facebook music

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    • Dic 18 2011, 0:17
    Here's another person requesting ANY scrobbling thing that actually works!

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    • Dic 18 2011, 4:55

    A little late.

    In my opinion is a little late in responding to Facebook's new Timeline Music feature. Timeline has been available for testing for months now and your current response is to say that you haven't really decided on how to implement it yet?

    Under normal circumstances this would be excusable but considering there isn't one worthy working app to integrate with on Facebook (Even the examples you've posted above do not even work) coupled with the obvious desire from the community to have such functionality I just can't let this one go.

    Why doesn't develop their own official app for Facebook?

    I've been a user since 2005. I recommend to everyone I know over all similar services. Unfortunately I'm disappointed that the only one who ever really sees my profile and weekly charts is myself, and that just really takes much of the fun away.

    P.S. - This is what part of the alphabet would look like if Q and R were eliminated.
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