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scrobble from mp3-player?

  • Old zen stone 1gb

    I use philips go gear and zenses and it works. but i would want to scrobble history from my old zen stone. is there any program which supports it?

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    • Ago 2 2010, 21:28
    if your player supports MTP mode, you can use QTScrobbler

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    • Ago 6 2010, 20:18
    I have a Philips GoGear too. Any way to scrobble like an iPod?

  • I have a Philips GoGear SA2315 mp3. I know it's old, but I wanna know if is it possible to scrobb from my mp3

  • I'm an offline user who has to use public systems for Internet access, so I've just grabbed an API key with which I can Scrobble manually by uploading a list of what I've been listening to on my offline devices. (Via a web app that I'll build when I get the time. :-)

    That said, I just noticed that the Scrobbler API doesn't accept scrobbles that are too far in the past. Does anyone know what the timeout period is between time scrobbled and time submitted?
    I'll most likely be dumping my played list to Last.FM a couple of times each week, and I don't want to lose out on new music recommendations just because I'm not tied to my own Internet connection! :-)

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    • Dic 19 2010, 18:59
    using philips gogear ViBE and it scrobbles with Zenses. Amazing !!
    software can be downloaded here:

  • yeah, it worked!!! that's so nice! thanks vomitus

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    • Gen 1 2011, 9:18

    olympus dm-4

    Hi all,
    I just got an olympus dm-4 for christmas and one of the only drawbacks is there seems to be no built scrobbler for it. Someone mentioned being able to get the play information off it and submit it to How would one go about doing this?

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    • Gen 8 2011, 10:47
    I have a sony walkman nwz-e344 is there any program that works for it? My Walkman was 80 dollars the cheapest version I'm sure it sucks to the point where nothing will work on it. So basic.

  • I use Minton mp3 player -and i love it really- is there any way to scrobble from it?

  • Re:scrobble from mp3-player?

    kaese-chan said:
    I think it sucks that it seems like there is no possibility to scrobble from a normal mp3 player. there are some that enable scrobbling, but I for instance use a Samsung K5 (love it, btw), but it seems like you can't scrobble the tracks you listen to.
    Well, I'm not sure to what extent the firmware counts your song plays, but I could swear it does because if I turn on shuffle mode, all the songs that I ALWAYS listen to are played.

    what do you think about that topic? do you have a possibility to scrobble? do you wish for one? or do you think everyone should just get an iPod? :D (which I won't, btw, because I don't like iPods.)

    Yeah I don't like I-Pods myself. I use Sansas right now. If your player is rockboxed it can be scrobbled to, that's what I use and I get my music scrobbled on here from my MP3 player. Have for a few years now. Also, I know some like Cowens (which I'm wanting next) allow you to use some apps to scrobble to

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  • should be mtp impelemented devices if possible at all. the wiki explains why

  • So how does this even work?

    Do I put the program IN my MP3?

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