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chart info not accurate

  • chart info not accurate

    I know we've been having some issues since the server went down, but I was just wondering - on Monday morning, The Strokes had 7 listens on my chart. Yesterday I got their new album and listened to it all the way through, with each song showing up under the recently played tracks. But today, The Strokes only have 13 plays on my chart instead of the 22 they should have. Is there any reason why any of the tracks wouldn't have been calculated yet?

  • nevermind - it just updated. :)

  • proof that patience is the cure for everything.. :P

    Are we alive... or just breathing..?
  • Yea, it pays to be patient, in most cases anyways.

    • muz ha detto...
    • Alumni
    • Gen 4 2006, 16:21


    Quoth Killathug:
    Yea, it pays to be patient, in most cases anyways.

    It also pays to observe the rules and other thread replies saying how those chart images are not to be used for forum sigs here.

    They're far too big.

  • LOL, yea serves me right....

    Sorry about that, I'll get rid of it right now.

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