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Why doesn't this show appear in de eventlist?

  • Why doesn't this show appear in de eventlist?

    Why doesn't this show appear in de eventlist of our city while it has more attendees then most other shows?

    Tiny Vipers (sub pop) @ kargadoor, utrecht

    • mkuzmin ha detto...
    • Utente
    • Ago 28 2009, 21:05
    great question!

    right today I was going to post my feedback about this issue.

    here is my understanding of an internal site logic. maybe I'm wrong somewhere, so if anyone can correct me - please do.

    Internally has separate lists of geo locations and venues. each venue is linked to some specific location. venue address has three levels - country, region and town. For most cities region and town names are equal, so third (repeating) part is just hidden.
    when you choose your location actually you select a region and country. and all events in venues linked to this region are displayed to you.

    the problem is allows to create new venues linked directly to a country without specific region. they look absolutely the same as correct ones, but their events are never displayed to people in recommendations or in common region event listings.

    if you go to an event you provided as example, go to its venue, click "edit" and modify city name in second field from "Utrecht" to "Amsterdam"- you'll see that venue location is changed to "Amsterdam, Netherlands". It means this particular venue is linked directly to the country, has no regional relationship and will not fit your location.
    correct venue would be changed to "Amsterdam, Utrecht, Netherlands" in this example. At the moment the site does not allow to move venues between regions and countries (not sure about moderator rights).

    in my Russian community people meet this issue continuously due to different Cyrillic and Latin alphabets (details in there are tons of such fake venues and many events miss possible attendees.

    I think linking venues to countries should be prohibited and that would solve these issues for us.

    • mkuzmin ha detto...
    • Utente
    • Dic 24 2009, 23:53
    hey again!

    Something broken with venue creation on Russian site version.

    Now the issue explained above happens with absolutely all venues created at
    Even if city name is specified correctly like Москва or Санкт-Петербург, venue does not get geographic location, so events are not added to recommendations.

    We have almost no moderator activity, and tons of duplicates. Please do something to stop its growing, at least.

    • saaj ha detto...
    • Utente
    • Ott 16 2010, 12:37
    It seems nothing has been changed since the last message, so I'm facing the same issue, having not all of events in my /events of my city's, which are, though, listed in country list.

    • mkuzmin ha detto...
    • Utente
    • Ott 18 2010, 7:41
    these issues are discussed in thread

    but nothing has been changed there either

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