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Issue with redirected artists with "&" in their name (Belle & Sebastian, e.g.)

  • Issue with redirected artists with "&" in their name (Belle & Sebastian, e.g.)

    This isn't a new issue, just one I've not seen addressed before. Finally decided to ask.

    Anyway, I have Belle & Sebastian tagged with the "&" in my iTunes. Last FM redirects "Belle & Sebastian" to "Belle and Sebastian" which is fine...except it's not doing it properly for some reason.

    All my plays are accurately (to the best of my knowledge anyway) totaled in my library ( but for some reason the albums are above the songs are not gathering the play counts. For instance, the album "The Life Pursuit" doesn't even appear in my library album area, yet down below you can see dozens of plays for songs from that album are recorded (and even listed as being from the album). I just played this album a couple weeks ago so I know it SHOULD be reflected accurately in the library. Also, this problem was apparent prior to the recent-ish changes to our Library so it has nothing to do with that.

    I have the EXACT same issue with "Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds" which Last FM redirects to "Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds". Again, albums are not being tallied properly/at all. Other redirected artists without the "&" don't seem to have this issue.

    Any chance of getting this fixed?


  • You can see here that the album was tagged incorrectly as Belle & Sebastian, so it's appearing in your library under that artist name. The scrobbles appear under Belle and Sebastian because the tracks and artists are corrected to this tag.

    To make sure this doesn't happen, please make sure your tags (Artist, Album, Album Artist, Track) are correct in your local music library. This won't fix your library retroactively, as we don't do album corrections... yet.

  • Well, personally, I think I have everything correct. I'm pretty anal about tagging and I think Belle & Sebastian is a more "proper" tag for the band. That aside, are you saying that when/if album corrections are done, those albums will be merged retroactively?

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  • @Seancouver: It's altogether possible they were tagged correctly and an olde bug (now fixed) messed up the album artist. Once we can do album corrections, yes we should be able to correct these albums in your library.

    @cjkisaragi: We don't, but it really doesn't help when artists swap and/& for different releases. We always go for artist intent as a rule, however when that isn't clear, check Musicbrainz.

  • Thanks, Knapster. I'll just leave my tags as they are and if it gets fixed, it gets fixed; if not, oh well. The songs are scrobbling properly and that's the most important thing.

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