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Doubled scrobbles from the undelete feature of the Playground

  • Doubled scrobbles from the undelete feature of the Playground

    I don't know if this is in the right board so feel free to move it.

    I was undeleting some tracks with the Undelete feature of the Playground site, and I noticed some of them had doubled scrobbles - both scrobbles have the same time stamp, and when I delete one, both of them are gone when I refresh the page. The Undelete feature shows the same number of tracks that it undeletes - for example, it said I deleted 106 scrobbles of a song, and it restores 106 scrobbles - actually, 53 doubled ones. This only happened with two undeleted tracks that I'm aware of, and both of them had a lot of scrobbles.

    Is there any way to know if that's a glitch of the Undelete feature or of the Lastfm client way back when I scrobbled the tracks? I don't remember ever having that issue with the client when I still used it (I used Winamp. since 2009 I use Songbird and its Lastfm extension), and I think I scrobbled that tracks 53 times, not 106, back when I deleted them.

  • Is it possible that they were iPod scrobbles? Due to the nature of iPod scrobbling, if a track is listened multiple times on an iPod, when scrobbled the each will have the same timestamp.

  • I never used the Lastfm client for iPod scrobbling; I used to use Floola, which does keep the same timestamp for every track but it's possible to delete one scrobble without deleting all the others (I think). Those doubled scrobbles are from before I had an iPod, anyway.

    EDIT: It turns out that if multiple scrobbles with the same timestamp exist and one of them is deleted, the others are also deleted regardless of their origin. Still, I'm pretty sure those doubled scrobbles I mentioned are glitched.

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