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Music stops playing

  • Music stops playing

    Hi I have recently been having a problem where Lastfm is playing my radio, but then a song will stop playing altogether and also, when songs are playing, the stop for a couple of seconds. I thought at first it was my internet connection, but I have checked this and it is definitely not the problem. Youtube works fine and my internet connection is good.

    I have looked through loads of other similar forum posts and tried some of the suggestions like downloading the new Flash player, using the desktop app, using Google Chrome etc. Does anyone have a cure for it as it's so annoying!!??

  • And you have this problem no matter what you're using (webplayer, desktop app)? And does it happen for different radio stations too?

  • Yeah it does happen whichtever I am using. I've tried using YouTube and listening to BBC radio and they both work fine. And Last fm works fine on my PC - it's just the laptop which seems to have been a problem the last few days

    • menkura ha detto...
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    • Mag 21 2012, 16:27

    Menkura Music

    Finally my music uploaded on the site. now the music dosent play keeps loading,know sound .menkura

  • @scarlettbrannan: What can I do if the music player on the site doesn’t work at all for me?

    @menkura: You need at least 5 listeners in order to generate similar artists, and therefore a similar artist radio station. Alternatively you can set your tracks to Full Length Preview, or Free Download in the music manager: What are free downloads, how should I use them?

  • haveing same problem as scarlettbrannan no matter what i do for about 4 days now the music stops and starts makes it impossible to listen to but pandora works fine

  • Please try updating the Flash player, or try listening via the desktop client.
    If you are still having problems please let us know your browser/operating system.

  • I have tried both of those and also the other suggestions (on the FAQ page) but it still happens. I use Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 9

  • yep tryed both and it still happens

  • windows 7explorer 9

  • windows 7explorer 9

  • Have you tried using another browser such as Chrome or Firefox? We're having trouble replicating this issue here. Also, please check your any computer secrutiy software you have installed, and (if you are at work) make sure that no network traffic is blocked.

  • Same here

    I had same trouble a week ago, then the player worked fine for a few days but now the problem is back! Player loads but songs stop after a couple of seconds. Song previews still work though. I'm using Vista, so re-installed Chrome, and also installed firefox, both with up to date flash players, but nothing sems to cure the problem!

  • Yes Knapster01, this has been happening for me as well and I am certain everything on my end is up to date and running properly - all stations, web page radio or Client - getting random freezes, stops for few seconds or just quits playing, as if we hit the stop button in Client. My laptop as well using Vista, with Firefox or Chrome.

    Been here long time now and know all the road blocks and all the tricks. Web browser choice doesn't seem to matter.

    Been going on a good week. Haven't said anything, because assumed it was another pesky website issue and would soon be resolved.

    Today, has been excellent with no more issues so far - 3 hours and all good.

    Before today, would get 12 minutes or so and all good, then starts to stutter/freeze and start and then just quits. Other days, would get 30 minutes in and then same issues would start up. Other days, could not even get through one track.

  • Fixed

    Downloaded flash uninstaller from adobe website, incase any older versions were cluttering up my system, and it seems to have done the trick. Now playing last fm on vista + chrome with no problems.

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