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"Untitled" album.

  • "Untitled" album.

    Being the music snob that I am, I refuse to accept that blink-182's 2003 album was self-titled. I say that it's untitled. So, I named it as such. I literally put no title. To get around iTunes requiring a title, I used a non-breaking space, and the album shows with no title. seems to scrobble the tracks fine. They add to my play count. The only thing is that when I do a breakdown by artist, they don't show up as an album (probably rightly so, since there is no album). However, doesn't correct them to be on the right album, and it doesn't use a non-breaking space as an album either. So, effectively, the songs are scrobbled, but there is no easy way to tell how many scrobbles I have from *that* album.

    Here's a breakdown of my blink scrobbles:

    I am probably the only person that has done this, but I think it's an interesting error that could maybe be looked into.

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