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Tracks being scrobbled and assigned to the wrong album

  • Tracks being scrobbled and assigned to the wrong album

    When I listened to Dress Rehearsal Rag by Leonard Cohen, the track got submitted to the album Songs of Leonard Cohen / Songs of Love and Hate which is not correct and is not the album I have tagged it with (my file tag aptly says it's on Songs of Leonard Cohen). It's happening with various album tacks by Leonard Cohen, actually, being (automatically/randomly) scrobbled to albums such as Highlights or The Best of Leonard Cohen - even though the tags I have for my files are those of his original albums. Is there a way to fix this? It's quite annoying having extra albums in my library, especially when it's randomly chosen by the scrobbler and when they're not actually in my file tags.. I have checked and all the tag fields are filled with the right tags, plus the auto-correct feature is off on my scrobbler.

  • This thing has been bugging me for quite a while - it happens to most of my The White Stripes scrobbles which I don't mind that much cause it's been like that since the very beginning of my listening to them on

    But what reeeeeaaaally bothers me is when this album name changes start happening all of a sudden, even though I've already listened to that album before.
    Like As the Bluebird Sings - I've listened to it for a couple of times and then all of a sudden, bang, started changing the name of the album to As the Bluebird Sings (original track order) - I didn't touch the tags of the songs at all so what is that supposed to mean?!
    Well, my statistics are ruined, that's for sure.

  • So.. any help?

  • Scrobbles are attributed to an incorrect album despite tags being correct

    We're currently investigating the cause of this, however we can't retroactively fix this in libraries as we don't currently do album corrections, in the same way we do artist/track corrections. More info here.

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