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sticky for submitting songs with incorrect track info?

  • sticky for submitting songs with incorrect track info?

    is there one somewhere?
    i found one thread sort of designated for capitalization mistakes.... but either way there should be a sticky for this.

    for example,

    that is a live version of the song (crowd cheering at beginning and 1:30 plus the entire thing sounds a little off)... it should say so in the description so that i can ban it and then only hear the CD version on shuffle.

    also, how do you make the song/ artist into a link instead of posting the entire url like i did? perhaps something to include in the op of that sticky ;)

    • big_dork ha detto...
    • Utente
    • Feb 29 2012, 11:32
    To my understanding, there is no way to disambiguate tracks with the same title.
    When multiple songs have the same title, it's a coin toss which one gets played.
    It's up to the artists/labels uploading them to tag them.

    And to link to a track, just look under the input box...
    "Insert links to pages"
    Click "Track" and you will get a popup asking for title and artist.
    Fill those out accordingly and voila!

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