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    Yes I know this has been sort of addressed before but I don't care.
    Why am I paying for commercial free listening when the music just stops at random??????
    Internet speed is fine, so what is the deal?
    Maybe your IT department needs updating?

  • Maybe the website itself needs to be simplified. Streaming works great with the desktop app, which leads me to believe that the website is just too busy with flash, etc. and sucking up bandwith for uneccessary eye candy.

  • Well, you can turn the slideshow off if that works better for you.
    Also what browser are you using? And do you have the same issues with others as well?

  • Music stopping

    I've been reading all these posts and haven't found a clear way to trouble shoot this problem. I have a Mac with OS Lion and usually use Chrome. I switched over to see if it worked any better in Safari and it doesn't seem to. When I clicked on the desktop client link which people recommended all it offered was the Scrobbler download. I stopped listening to for a couple months because every time I tried it would cut off after the first song. The images would continue to scroll but no music. I would appreciate any advice.

    • Aleven ha detto...
    • Utente
    • Mar 11 2012, 22:19

    same here

    Win 7 Enterprise and player on website stops playing music because of caching or whatever - same behaviour in Opera 11.61, Firefox 9.0.1 and IE. Though in IE the player managed to play the stream after some silences and did not stop for a long time.

    Ten Aleven
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