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Ago 4

Summer Jam Festival

Con 10 Years, 12 Stones e altri 43 artisti . Sede: Bull Run Regional Park


Sabato 4 Agosto 2012Sabato 4 Agosto 2012


Bull Run Regional Park
Centreville VA, United States

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Summer Jam Fest is a Charity Benefit Music Festival in the heart of the Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C. area. Run by a local high school student, Summer Jam is designed to ignite a positive impact throughout the region through music and pop culture. Summer Jam is more than just a one day Festival though. Whether you can attend or not, through your donations and tickets purchased, Summer Jam will conduct service days on the streets of DC, MD, and VA to help positively impact those who are struggling more than ever. Summer Jam does not want finances to hinder anyone making the event as well. So during these service days, the Summer Jam Crew will hand out over 1,000 FREE tickets to those less fortunate, who would otherwise not be able to attend. Through your support, we can truly impact the most powerful region in America.



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