• Astral 2

    Apr 25 2012, 17:59 di Hachi-Nana

    You dont have to come to space if it comes by itself =)

    well... what to say.. That was really AWESOME athmospheric instrumental festival with great bands: Exxasens , The American Dollar , I Am Waiting for You Last Summer and Iceberg Theory . Of course I saw in Tele-Club such the great bands like 65dos, God As An Astronaut, however, this time it was A FESTIVAL!!! More than 4 hour of wonderful instrumental and post-rock music!!
    Our guys (bands from Russia) were really great! IWFYLS uses some dub-step, but it's really OK. Glad to see those talanted russian bands, but what was more waited - Exxasens and The American Dollar!
    Exxasens were like a bomb! No... Like a Big Bang, you know! I suppose, guys were surprised when ppl started to repeat "EXXASENS EXXASENS" BEFORE they started to play) And I have to say, they deserve all this support and love! Their perfomance was like a space trip =) I were dancing all the time, and jumping of course =) More over, guys from Exxasens are VERY nice people!