• Agatha Christie presents: Mystery In The Park

    Ago 7 2008, 21:26 di dogdayafternoon

    Thu 14 Jun – O2 Wireless Festival
    Working Wireless Festival at Hyde Park last year saw us scattered to separate locations around the festival area. I had been setting up since 7am and the last thing I wanted to do was hear annoying demands from the herd-like punters. A mix up in the official festival program meant that it was not even clear who was playing on what stage and when until the afternoon. Who would be the poor bastards the organisers would decide should take the stage first at 11.30 on this chilly Thursday morning?

    At 11.35 the first messages started darting around the site. I was receiving texts from people literally as I was sending the exact same message: “who are these guys? They’re fucking awesome!!!!”

    By 11.40 we somehow all managed to drop whatever menial tasks we were undertaking and headed towards the front of the park to catch a glimpse of the mystery band. Due to the aforementioned early hour and the fact it was a workday there were only a few hundred…
  • 2007: the live experience

    Gen 27 2008, 21:56 di Temujin

    Instead of just doing a list of all the gigs I been to this year (which you can see here anyway), I want to do something different and share my 10 favourite gig moments of 2007.
    (in chronological order, by the way)

    Patrick Wolf - Manchester Academy 3 - 18/2/2007
    The overall gig wasn't that awesome, but when he did the Childcatcher...oh man. He was growling, spitting out the lyrics, really excercising his demons. It was incredibly intense, and he was completely out of breath after this.

    Joanna Newsom - AB - 18/4/2007
    Again, not a super-awesome gig, but: at the end, they played Peach Plum Pear and Clam Crab Cockle Cowrie back to back. My 2 favourite J-no songs. I closed my eyes, and just started to melt away. I was the quiet little center of the universe.

    Daft Punk - o2 Wireless festival London - 16/6/2007
    I was all "meh, seen this all before" (and I had - their Pukkelpop performance in 2006 is still the best live experience I ever had). Until that ultra-heavy bass thumping from Technologic kicked in. …
  • I couldn't see Digitalism

    Giu 20 2007, 14:59 di fermello78

    Saturday 16 June – O2 Wireless Festival

    One of the reasons of being in Hyde Park on June 16, besides of Daft Punk, was to see Digitalism. But when I went to the tent they were playing, it was crowded and the security guys didn't let me and a lot of people in.

    The tent was ridiculously small to the number of people (a rounded blue tent, like a small circus). A huge failure from the organizers. The security guys ended up stressed trying to control the situation and many discussions/problems happened.

    The organizers should be more aware of the amount of people guys like Digitalism may atract. And then we don't have to spend our precious money for not seeing who we want to see. At least Daft Punk was great!!

  • Daft Punk @ Wireless Festival, Hyde Park

    Giu 20 2007, 13:37 di vynce

    Thu 14 Jun – O2 Wireless Festival

    Click here to read my review of Daft Punk at the Wireless Festival in Hyde Park + LCD Soundsystem, CSS, Digitalism, Calvin Harris, Shy Child, Datarock...
  • Daft Punk Rules The Nation

    Giu 20 2007, 2:18 di dimitriis

    Sat 16 Jun – O2 Wireless Festival
    After a long walk from home to Hyde Park, my evening was kick-started with the chilled melodies of the Finnish 5-piece band Husky Rescue. The female vocalist had a beautiful, sweet voice and electronic elements were present throughout their songs. The ideal warm-up that set the mood for the rest of the festival. Then we went to the X-fm stage, where the sounds were really sleazy and dirty. It was Simian Mobile Disco playing tracks like It's The Beat and the smash hit Hustler. A fine blend of Electro and Tech House. And it was still 19:30!!! It was about time to go to the Main stage. It was funny to see LCD Soundsystem supporting Daft Punk and performing the hit Daft Punk Is Playing At My House. Their sound was a mix of Rock and Synthpop with a male vocalist reminiscent of David Byrne of Talking Heads. Although the sound set-up didn't do them justice, I really enjoyed the impeccable Tribulations and Yeah.

    Next station - Daft Punk

  • 4 Gigs In 5 Days...

    Giu 19 2007, 2:07 di LouisLloyd

    Although not living up to my previous record from March, I still believe that this last batch of shows are journal worthy, so I'll get on with my critique...

    June's live music adventures kick-started on the 5th with an in-store appearance from Gallows followed 2 days later with As I Lay Dying's show at the Barfly. However the subject matter of this text begins on the 13th when I made my way into town to see Art Brut's biggest yet show at the Astoria. After waiting quite some time to see Art Brut I was quite excited, and they more than lived up to my expectations! While watching first band on the bill, Ciccone's last ever show, I sparked up conversation with AB main-man Eddie Argos whom I spotted loitering at the back of the crowd. Argos proved to be a truely lovely bloke and upped my anticipation further. I did not get second support Vincent Vincent And The Villains at all. The words "generic, pointless indie" just rotated in my head the whole time. When the 'Brut finally came on the crowd quite rightfully went mad. …
  • O2 Wireless Festival - 16th

    Giu 17 2007, 14:25 di nitesshadow

    Daft Punk was absolutely phenomenal, appearing behind a curtain in a huge pyramid that lit up and danced to the music with lights surrounding the whole set and the music was amazing. They mixed their entire discography and some new songs I think (that or just off album tracks) into each other into a seamless set that kept surprising and entertaining the audience throughout the entire time. Unfortunately I had to miss the last 15 minutes so I got to the coach station in time to go back home =(.

    We arrived a bit late but still managed to see Shy Child and I think Rich summed it up nicely when he said 'This is like concert material, in addition to Daft Punk, CSS and LCD Soundsystem you know you're at a good festival'. They were energetic and despite it just being the two of them they cheered everyone up on the XFM stage whilst we sheltered from the rain =). Unfortunately we didn't get served at the drinks stand so we went the entire 10 hours with no alcohol fuelling us but our youthfulness pulled us through!