• Weezer at The First Verge Festival

    Giu 7 2010, 4:56 di JoshMelder

    Fri 4 Jun – Verge Music Festival

    Saturday was a busy day for me, graduating, parties, among other things. But I did not want to miss the whole festival. Weezer was a band I had seen live twice before and loved both times. So i drove down to Milwaukee in the pouring rain to catch the show.

    When I got there, there was actually a much smaller crowd than I had anticipated. Maybe the huge rains had lowered the spirits of the concert goers, or maybe Milwaukee just doesnt have the hardcore music fans that many other cities do when they have music festivals. Either way, I was able to find a pretty decent spot despite coming 15 minutes before the show started.

    As the band came on the stage, the hard core weezer fans...and then the band-wagoners put up the customary "W" with both hands and chanted "Weezer". They opened with their song "Hash Pipe". Rivers Cuomo tried to get the crowd into it with his always dork/rock attitude. …