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Set 12


Con Ab Baars, Accadians e altri 179 artisti . Sede: Various Venues


Domenica 12 Settembre 2010Domenica 19 Settembre 2010


Various Venues
Tilburg, Netherlands

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Tickets available now via http://incubate.org/2010/tickets !

Incubate is the annual celebration of independent culture in Tilburg, the Netherlands. It is a festival exhibiting a diverse view on indie culture as a whole, including music, contemporary dance, film and visual arts. It brings more than 200 cutting edge artists in an intimate context to an international audience. Black metal next to free jazz. Street art next to academic dance. Incubate takes place from the 12th until 19th of September in the city of Tilburg in the Netherlands.

Tilburg station is right in the center of the town providing direct rail links to many of Holland's major cities. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Eindhoven Airport, Weeze, Antwerp and Brussels/Charleroi are the nearest international travel hubs within one to 1.5 hours from Tilburg Center.


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