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Set 24

Green Mountain Eco Fest

Con The Itals, DJ Logic e altri 6 artisti . Sede: Mountain Creek River Resort


Giovedì 24 Settembre 2009Domenica 27 Settembre 2009


Mountain Creek River Resort
11564 Kinfolk Rd., Eldridge MO, 65463, United States

Tel: 1-888-603-6749


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Green Mountain Eco Festival is a four day celebration of sustainable living featuring music from around the world, green workshops, and camping by the Niangua River in the hills of the Missouri Ozarks! Come enjoy nature with us and learn how to live in harmony with our planet while having a great time and enjoying music by over 35+ artists on three stages.

The Festival will feature lots of fun eco-activities that everybody can participate in. We have invited speakers to get visitors excited about changing the future of our planet and non-profit organizations to show people how they can get involved with a group of committed citizens!


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