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Mag 20


Con Little Man Tate, Aidan Parle e altri 3 artisti . Sede: New Cross Inn


Domenica 20 Maggio 2012 alle 19:00


New Cross Inn
323 New Cross Road, London, SE14 6AS, United Kingdom


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New Cross Inn Presents...


When Little Man Tate decided to call it a day in October 2009, Jon Windle had one of two choices…….go and find himself a ‘day’ job - or maybe give it one more crack and see if the world was ready to listen to what he had to say.

Not that it was quite that straight forward….in fact, it was only during a break between studio sessions writing for other people that the bug bit gain.

Released on 18th October 2010, almost a year to the day after the demise of LMT, Step Out The Man (Tiny Teeth Records) received both critical and public acclaim. Although more mature than previous work, Windle has stayed true to his roots and fundamental beliefs around song writing “…I love country music, love the way it tells a story…I want to write about specific events, not general social commentary…”.

Accompanied by blistering high energy live performances, he has proved to the cynics that he has the ability to move away from the comfort of a group, and stand out to be counted in his own right - captured perfectly in the tone of the title track to last years album.

NEW ALBUM OUT 28.05.2012



Joby was born and raised in Yorkshire (just like really good bread). He has been writing for five years.

"Joby exudes tenderness in a new acoustic flavoured way. Dead beautiful singer-songwriter, gorgeous melodies and sensuous vocals. Definitely one for the ladies."

"As usual, beautiful songs, sung with the heart of a poet."

(Pete Long, Acoustic Circus)

"The lyrics are the main focus here and Joby has a real talent when it comes to poetry."

(Russ Petcher, 'For The Record', Birstall & Batley News)


First solo album Start & Begin was released in June 2008 but prior to this date he released a track on the first Angular CD as The Bridge which was voted No 1 compilation 2004 by NME. Later he would make contributions to the Raw and Unplugged in New X CD or (I LOVE N X) (Finished No. 6 in Rough Trade's best Compilations of 2005) and the follow up album Replugged In New Cross - Ceri compiled both of these albums. In the past he's recorded with Gordon Raphael producer of The Strokes, Mark Estall (THWFOS) and Gary Brady (Bunnymen, Brut Chorus). In Nov 2005 he went on a mini Tour of L.A. and supported Art Brut at the Echo on Sunset Boulevard. He plays regularly in Central London and South East London and after the release of his first solo album he made a short tour of the UK. Sometimes he solo, in a duo or backed by a full band.He has played on the same bill as bands/artists such as Art Brut, Glenn Tilbrook, Mark Morriss (Bluetones), Tom Hingley (Inspirals) and Pop Levi to name a few. His second solo album was released in Sep 2009 entitled Win, Lose and Some You Can't Tell. He recently finished and released his 3rd studio album The Lost Souls Parade.

Available from www.newcrossinn.com - with NO BOOKING FEES!

20% off of all drinks before 8pm!!


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