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Mag 25

Florence + The Machine with The Ceremonial Orchestra

Con Florence + the Machine. Sede: Opera House


Venerdì 25 Maggio 2012 alle 21:00


Opera House
1 Macquarie Street, Sydney, 2000, Australia

Tel: +61 2 9250 7111


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Following sold out shows across Europe and North America, Vivid LIVE presents Florence + the Machine with the Ceremonial Orchestra, an exclusive Concert Hall engagement. Featuring over 40 performers onstage, the Ceremonial Orchestra represents the largest incarnation of the group yet. Garnering a reputation as a reverential live force, Florence + the Machine deliver bold, primal performances without ever sacrificing control. With a cathartic voice firmly front and centre, Florence Welch is set to become the latest in a line of great English pop luminaries.

Upon the release of second album Ceremonials, the 25 year old singer heralded a 'darker, heavier, bolder' sound, garnering the admiration of peers and critics alike. Described as having a natural playfulness and innate quirkiness, Welch has performed with minimalist trio The xx to grime star Dizzee Rascal, pushing the expectations of mainstream templates and formulae. With Florence's obsession for the choral, hymnal, and orchestral, the Ceremonial Orchestra is the culmination of what the Guardian has described as 'music for the high church'.


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