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Mag 6

Love Fever with Wolf + Lamb

Con Wolf + Lamb e A&A. Sede: Secret location


Domenica 6 Maggio 2012 alle 12:00


Secret location
London, United Kingdom

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One eye to the May Bank Holiday as we are delighted to be joined by friends Wolf + Lamb, the first time Gadi and Zev have played together in London or anywhere for that matter, for a long time..

£10 very early bird tickets here http://bit.ly/z8ICcP

Love Fever and Wolf + Lamb is just a rather beautiful match, perfectly poignant and romantic. You know all the special things will be taken care of as Love Fever do best, the space, the sound the soft touches that give the party its sensual quality. With lots of new music on its way from Wolf + Lamb (proper) plus the fledgling Love Fever records set to take flight you know the night will last long and feel right.

Wolf + Lamb have been wowing london since that very first sunday they played all day and night up in a loft on curtain road back in 09. A+A minced with them that night at what they still see as one of the best parties in london for many a year.

Zev and Gadi since then have gone onto become one of the most influential duos in dance music and its been a long time since they crossed swords together in the dj booth so its wonderful to have them both in London under the Love Fever love heart.

a&a x


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