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Gen 21

Between Tradition and Innovation : The Genius of Sergei Prokofiev

Con Sergei Prokofiev e Dr Cristina Guillaumier. Sede: Royal Conservatoire of Scotland


Sabato 21 Gennaio 2012 alle 10:00


Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
Glasgow, United Kingdom

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This study day will give you an overview of the composer’s output, drawing on the latest research and most updated biographies of the composer as well as discussing some of the more controversial issues surrounding Prokofiev, such as his final return to Soviet Russia in 1936.

With Scottish Opera partnering the Royal Conservatoire in their January production of Prokofiev’s opera ‘Betrothal in a Monastery’ and Denis Kozhukin performing all the Prokofiev Piano Concertos this season with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, we take an in-depth look at this Russian composer, a radical innovator who nonetheless played with tradition. His style, language and idiom continue to captivate and entertain us.


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