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Lug 17

Paul McCartney

Con Paul McCartney, Billy Joel e The Script. Sede: Citi Field


Venerdì 17 Luglio 2009 alle 20:00


Citi Field
126th St. & Roosevelt Ave., Flushing, NY, 11368, United States


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First ever concert at Citi Field

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Paul McCartney will perform the historic first concerts at Citi Field – the new home of the Mets - Friday, July 17 and Saturday, July 18. These inaugural concert events at Citi Field mark the latest in a series of landmark performances that link the beloved Beatle with New York City and the home of the Mets. Beginning with The Beatles' legendary musical christening of Shea Stadium in 1965, and continuing with McCartney's special appearance at Billy Joel's "Last Play at Shea" show that closed the stadium last year, McCartney's summer shows at Citi Field will once again mark a momentous occasion in the history of New York - and rock n' roll itself.

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