Frequently Asked Questions


What is scrobbling?
Scrobbling a song means that when you listen to it, the name of the song is sent to and added to your music profile.

Once you've signed up and downloaded, you can scrobble songs you listen to on your computer or iPod automatically. Start scrobbling yourself, and see what artists you really listen to the most. Songs you listen to will also appear on your profile page for others to see.

Millions of songs are scrobbled every day. This data helps to organise and recommend music to people; we use it to create personalised music and event recommendations for you, and a lot more besides.
What can I use to scrobble the music I listen to?
If you listen with the Music Player here on the website, it will scrobble every track you play to your profile (given that you are logged in to your account and play at least 50% of the track).

You can also use our Scrobbler software to scrobble what you’re listening to with your media player or iPod. If you need more help information about the scrobbler, please have a look at our ”The Scrobbler” FAQ category, for instance for what operating systems and media players we support.
Should you have any questions about or problems with the scrobbler, we have a support forum where you can get help.

What other scrobblers are there I can use?
There are also lots of other third party plugins and applications which allow you to scrobble your music to You can find many of these here on our Build site, category “Scrobblers”.

Please note that if you’re using a third party plugin or application to scrobble your music, we cannot offer you any support for these. Due to them not being developed by us, we ask to you to get in touch with the respective developers or user communities should you have any issues or questions about them.
This also applies to the old Audioscrobbler standalone plugins which are no longer officially supported by us. You are welcome to use them, but please note that we can't help you with support for them should you run into any problems. (P.S.: Looking for the old standalone plugins? You can download the Winamp one here and the Windows Media Player one here.)
What happens if I scrobble offline and my tracks don’t get submitted immediately?
When you’re scrobbling offline, the scrobbler will cache the tracks you listen to. You can check this by going to the “Help” menu and clicking “Diagnostics” where the cached scrobbles should appear. These scrobbles should then be submitted to your profile the next time you connect to the Internet.

You have two weeks to submit your scrobbles to your profile, otherwise they will be disregarded. You should bear this in mind when scrobbling music you listen to on your computer while offline for a long time, or when you don’t sync your iPod scrobbles for a while.