Frequently Asked Questions

Listening to Music on

What ways are there to listen to music on
There are several ways to listen to music on with the Music Player, on demand via Spotify, and directly from our artists and labels. Music Player
The Music Player is available to all users worldwide on our Listen page. With this player, you can listen to stations such as similar artists, tags, your library or recommendations - an endless variety of music streams, whatever you’re interested in. A simple overview of the different types of stations can be found here.

There are for example artist stations such as “Radiohead and similar” or global tag stations such as “Rock tag” which will play you music related to whatever artist or tag (e.g. a genre) you choose. You can simply tune into a station on the Listen page or click the station buttons wherever you see them on the site, and just start listening to some stations that sound interesting to you.

If you have your own user profile, you have your Library which is basically all the music you’ve listened to and added to your profile, and you can listen to all this music with your personal Library station.

Spotify in-page playback
If you are in a territory where Spotify is available, you’ll see Spotify play buttons on which allow you to listen to music on demand with Spotify while browsing the website. You need to be a registered Spotify user to use this feature.

Partner playlinks
On track pages, you will also find playlinks from other services such as Rdio, Deezer or Simfy, depending on which one is available in your region. These links allow you to listen to the given track on that other service.

Directly from artists and labels
Many of the artists and labels using make their music available to play as full-length promos, or even as free downloads.

When a track is available in full length, you can play it using the player on its track page.

When a track is available as a free download, it is marked as such, and can be downloaded via the "free download" link next to its name in track listings or from its track page. You can browse these tracks by genre on our free music downloads page.
What are the different types of stations?
1) Library: Your Library station plays you all tracks you’ve ever scrobbled to your profile, or tracks by artists you’ve added to your Library otherwise. You can listen to your own Library or to other users’ stations.

2) Recommendations: Recommendations is a personal station for you, which lets you listen to the artists that have been recommended to you by You can view and manage your recommendations here.

3) Global Tags: Global Tag stations play all items all users have tagged with a specific tag.

4) Similar Artists: A Similar Artist station plays music which is similar to a given artist. Similar artists are automatically created based on our users’ listening habits; also see: How are similar artists calculated? These stations are not endorsed by any artist.

5) Neighbourhood: Neighbourhood stations play music from your or other users' neighbours' libraries.

6) Groups: A group’s Member station plays music from the group members’ libraries.

7) Mix: The tracks you’ll hear on your Mix station have been selected in three different ways: some are brand new recommended tracks; others are tracks that you haven’t scrobbled before, but by artists that you know already; and the rest are simply tracks that you know already. More info here.

8) Friends: A station of music made up of tracks from your friends’ libraries.
Why do I get a “no content”/”not enough content” error when listening to stations on
There are different reasons why you might get a this error when trying to listen to a station on

A station always actually needs to have content that can be played; for example, an artist needs to have similar artists, or a user library needs to contain at least 15 different artists for its station to become playable. And then the these artists’ tracks need to have actual content that we can play to you:

If you listen with the Music Player, this will play tracks that have YouTube videos linked to them. If there are not enough videos linked to say the tracks of the similar artists of an artist, that similar artists station cannot be played.
(You can add YouTube videos to tracks that don't have a video yet, and thus help improve the listening experience for everyone!)

Therefore, please check that the station you’re listening to has enough playable content – that's at least 45 tracks by 15 different artists.

If it’s your own station that gives you this error (such as your Library or Mix), you’ll need to add more tracks to it so that it won’t run out of content too quickly.
Why do some songs have listeners, but I can’t play them on
If you come across tracks, or even artists on that you can’t listen to as they’re not available to play, but that have other listeners, this is because these users have scrobbled their own music files when listening to them with their own media player on their computer.

By scrobbling your music, information about the artist, album and track names is sent to, and based on this information many statistics, like an artist’s tracks charts or the top listeners are generated. You can read more about this here in the “What is scrobbling?” FAQ.
I accidentally banned a track from playing on my stations – can I un-ban it?
Yes, go to your Banned Tracks page and look up the track you would like to un-ban. Click the gear Multi-button button for the track and select “Unban track” from the dropdown.
Can I create a station based on multiple artists or tags?
Yes, on the Listen page you can create either a combo station with multiple artists, or one with multiple tags. You can add up to three artists or three tags for a station, choosing from artists and tags selected for you based on your music taste.

Multi-Artist is a “Similar Artists” combo station, which will play you music similar to ANY of the artists that you choose. This lets you build up broader stations with more varied content.

Multi-Tag is a “Global Tag” combo station, which will only play you music that matches ALL of the tags that you choose. So choosing ‘60s’ and ‘rock’ will only play you rock from the 60s.
What can I do if the music player on the site doesn’t work at all for me?
  • The player on the site isn’t displayed at all.
  • It doesn’t tune into any stations. It says “Please wait while your station loads...” but nothing happens.
  • The station plays, but the player is empty or there is no other information; the page seems to hang.
  • The player is buffering, but then there’s a constant “Oops! Error connecting” or “Oops, there was a problem starting this station. Please try again.” error.

If you have any of the problems described above, please try the following troubleshooting tips:

  • Make sure you have the latest version of flash installed, which you can download from Adobe’s website.
  • You need to have JavaScript enabled for the Music Player page to work properly.
  • You need to accept third-party cookies to enable the delivery of ads on the page, which if not delivered may block your player.
  • If you have any ad- or flash-blocking browser extensions, such as Adblock Plus, NoScript, or Flashblock, please try disabling them. If you add any exceptions, you’ll need to add them for (or etc. if you’re using one of our international sites) as well as, as the player plays videos from YouTube.
  • If you have checked the above and still have problems using the Music Player on the site, clear your browser cache and cookies, then log in again and try to play another station.
  • If you’re having consistent connection problems, check your computer security, firewall or router settings, anything that could affect the streaming connection, and make sure your soundcard is configured correctly and not busy otherwise.
Where is radio available?
As of 28 April 2014, radio is no longer available. See our full announcement for more information.