Frequently Asked Questions

Label and Artist Services

Why should I register my label or artist with
There are a number of reasons why you may wish to register your artist, or label, with is a powerful platform on which you can promote your music to the people that really matter. We can target people who like specific artists or styles of music within our massive global community. is designed specifically to aid the spread of music through a large community.

By registering with, you can get access to a number of features. To name a few, you can manage your music more effectively, view in depth statistics about your fans, and use a range of tools to help spread your music. All of these tools are highly valuable to both artists, and labels, and we believe that they can help the spread of your music to a much greater degree.
How can I get my music on
To get your music on, you will need a labels account.

If you already have a user account:
If you already have an account on as a user, you can register now for an artist or label account.

If you're a first time visitor:
You will need to register a labels or artist account from which to manage your music. You can register here. Once done, you will then be able to link up your music to your registered account.

Once you've registered with, you will be able to manage your presence on through our Music Manager.

Please note that the Music Manager is currently only available in English.
How much does all this cost?
It is free to register, add music and to use all of the main features of the Label site.

We do have some advanced promotional features, however these are purely optional, and cost a minimal amount should you wish to use them.
Why is my artist or label already on
You may have found that already features a page for your artist name and music. This is due to our user-generated content and software. collects the artist, track and album name of the music that its users listen to, and automatically creates a page on which the statistics for these items can be shown.

In most cases, finding that we have an artist page for your music does not mean that we have any of your audio files of your music stored on our servers for streaming or downloading. We simply have statistics that X many people listened to your music, and nothing else.

We would love to get you involved, and allow you to manage your music as you see best. You can register to as a label - or artist - here.
I have more questions I want answered before I register my label, what should I do?
Should you have any further questions, please have a look at our extensive FAQ for labels and artists. Another good place to check is the support forum where many questions have already been answered.
Where can I find your terms and conditions?
You can view the Terms and Conditions for registering to as a label or artist by going to here.