Frequently Asked Questions

User Profiles

Can I import all my previous plays from my media player when creating a new profile?
Yes, when creating a new profile you can import your previous plays from either iTunes, Windows Media Player or Winamp, using the scrobbler.

To do this, install the scrobbler on your computer, enter the user details of your new account and follow the instructions when it asks you if you want to import your media player’s listening history. When done, your plays should get imported quickly – check your profile!

Please note that you can only import your plays only once from one of the three supported media players, and as this is currently considered a feature for new users, it’s not fully supported for reset profiles.
What is my Library, and how do I add things to it?
Your Library is something like your personal music collection on – this is where you can view and manage all artists, albums and tracks you have ever added to your profile, as well as your loved tracks, any playlists you have created and all the tags you have used.

How can I add something to my Library?
Items are automatically added to your Library when you scrobble, love or tag them, or add them to any of your playlists. Alternatively, you can also add items manually by clicking on the "+" button on artist, album, or track pages, where available on the website.

You don't have to click the "+" button on artist, album, or track pages to add something to your Library that you listen to: If you listen to it and scrobble it, it'll get added to your Library automatically.
How can I remove something from my Library?
To remove an artist or track from your Library, go to your library on your user profile and browse for the specific item.

To remove an artist from your Library, hover over the artist’s image in your Library – this will show you a little “Delete” icon on the image. If you click on this icon, a dialog will appear asking you to confirm the deletion (you can also cancel this if you wish to).

Note: By deleting an artist from your Library, you will remove all its plays and all associated albums and tracks and their plays from your entire profile, including your charts.

If you wish to remove a single track from your Library, go to a listing within your library where this track appears – for instance under “Recently Added” if you added it to your library just recently, or the detailed page of this track’s artist in your Library.

To go to the latter, click on the “(x plays)” link under the artist’s image/next to its name in your Library overview. The following page is the detailed entry for this artist in your Library, and to remove any of its tracks, simply click on the “Delete” icon which appears when you hover over a track. A dialog will appear where you are asked to confirm (or cancel) the track’s deletion.

Note: This will delete this track and all its plays from your entire profile, including your charts.
Can I delete a recently scrobbled track, or an artist or track from my charts?
Yes, you can delete recently scrobbled tracks – please read below how to do this – and any artist or track from your charts, by removing them from your Library. Removing an item from your library will delete it and all its plays from your entire profile, including your charts. For more information on how to do this, please read here.

To delete a track you recently scrobbled, please go to your extended tracks list by clicking the "See more/Edit" link under the recently listened tracks on your profile page. You can remove items from this list by hovering over them, and clicking the "delete" icon when it appears.
What can I do if my recent tracks and charts aren’t updating anymore?
If these aren’t updating, the music you’re listening to doesn’t get scrobbled anymore. Have a look at this FAQ and this more extensive troubleshooting forum thread for more help with scrobbling problems!

Here are a couple of other quick tips:

Using the Scrobbler (software player)?
Verify you have scrobbling enabled in the Scrobbler. If it does say your tracks get scrobbled, but they don’t get submitted to your profile, check if they appear on the Scrobbling tab, Diagnostics dialog in the Help menu. If you can see them there and the server status is “Error: Couldn’t reach server”, go to the Account menu and click your username there – this forces a re-connection with the server, and your tracks should get submitted now.

Listening on the website?
If you’re listening to a station on the website and the tracks don’t get added to your profile, make sure you’re still logged in on the website and that you have scrobbling enabled in the player – if the problem persists, stop the station you’re playing, reload its page and try playing it again. If you then still have problems scrobbling, try logging out and in again on the site and if necessary clearing your browser cookies, and then try to scrobble some tracks again.
The times of my scrobbles in my Recently Listened Tracks are wrong, how can they be corrected?
If your scrobbled tracks display wrong times, check if you have your time zone on the site set correctly. You can check and if necessary change it in your Account Settings, or in the Settings dialog for your Recently Listened Tracks on your profile.

If it you’re using the scrobbler and it happens that your tracks appear to have been scrobbled in the future (“in 55 minutes”, in “50 minutes” etc.) or in the past even though you’re scrobbling right now (“just listened“, “55 minutes ago”, “50 minutes ago” etc.), this is indicative that they’re getting scrobbled with incorrect timestamps.

Verify if both your computer’s time and its time zone are set correctly and if they are corresponding, as these incorrect timestamps would be caused by either of them being off – also check if you have “Automatically adjust clock for Daylight Saving Time” enabled, if you’re using Windows – and correct your settings if necessary. Don’t forget to restart your scrobbler afterwards to make sure the changed settings apply.
How can I add or remove friends?
To add someone as a friend, go to their profile and click the "Add as a friend" button below their picture. They will receive a message about your friend request, and will be added to your friends list once they've accepted the request.

You can view your own friend requests by going to the "Friends Requests" tab in your messages inbox. From here you can ignore or accept any friend requests you've received.

To remove someone from your friends list, go to your friends page on your profile and hover over their picture or username. A little delete icon will appear; click this and confirm that you wish to remove that user as a friend.
How can I add and remove loved tracks?
How do I mark a track as loved?
Simply click on the “Love” button in the player when listening to a track on the website, or use the Heart icon button on the track's page or the gear Multi-button button next to a track in any listing at any time (you don't need to be listening to it at that moment!).

You can also mark tracks as loved in the Scrobbler, by clicking on the “Love” button when a track is playing.

And how do I remove a loved track?
To remove a particular track from your loved tracks, simply select “Unlove track” from the gear Multi-button button dropdown menu next to this track in any listing on the website – You will see that this track then won’t be marked with a “Loved” icon any longer.

When using the Scrobbler, you can also remove a recently loved track by right-clicking on the particular track in the expanded “Recently Loved” list in your “My Music Profile” sidebar on the left-hand side, and selecting “Remove From My Loved Tracks.”

Where can I view all my loved tracks?
You can view a full list of all the tracks you have marked as loved under “Loved Tracks” on your profile page, where you can also edit them as described above.

It is also possible to view and edit your last ten loved tracks in the Scrobbler – simply expand the “Recently Loved” list in your “My Music Profile” sidebar on the left-hand side.

How can I add and remove tags?
You can add and remove tags by using the blue “Tag” buttons, or the gear Multi-button buttons wherever you see them on the site, for instance on artist or track pages, or in any listing if you hover over the artist or track name with your mouse cursor.

How can I add tags on the site?
Click the blue “Tag” button for an item you want to tag, or the gear button and select “Add tags” from the dropdown menu – you can enter your tag (or several ones, as many as you like) in the following dialog.

How can I remove tags?
If you wish to remove a tag from something you’ve tagged, you can do this in the same way as adding new tags – simply remove the tag from the text field in the “Add tags” dialog and save your changes.

How can I edit my tags in the software player?
It's not currently possible to remove or edit tags using the software client at the moment.

Where can view and edit all my tag sets and tags?
You can find all the tags which you have used in your Library > Tags, where you can easily edit them by using the multi button in the tag lists, as described above.

How can I delete all my tag sets and tags?
Should you wish to delete all your tags in one go, you can do so by going to your “Data” settings page and clearing your tagging data from there. However, please note that any deletion of your personal tags cannot be undone.
How can I remove something from my playlist?
If there’s a playlist that you’ve created, you can view and manage the whole playlist in your Library. Go to your profile and click the “Playlists” link at the top of the page, to the right of your avatar; this will take you straight to the “Playlists” tab in your Library. From there, click your playlist’s name.

You will see your playlist’s details on the following page, including all the tracks that you’ve added to it. Move your mouse cursor over a track and you’ll see a little “x” icon to the right; if you click this, you can delete the track from your playlist.

Should you wish to delete your whole playlist, you can also do this on this page.
How do I choose who can see my Recent Activity on my profile page?
You can customise your Recent Activity settings from the "Privacy Controls" page. From here you can choose if everyone, only your friends and neighbours, only your friends, or nobody should be able to see what you've been doing on when visiting your profile.

At first you're the only person who can see your activity. You have two weeks from the first time you see your activity to choose your "Privacy Controls" settings before everyone can see it.
My shoutbox is missing on my profile page, how do I get it back?
Go to your Website Settings and un-tick the checkbox next to “Disable shoutbox on my profile page”, this will put your shoutbox back onto your user profile.
Will artists I've added to my library through tagging not play on my library station?
No - while tagging new artists will add them to your library, this will not add them to your library station. It will add them to your station if you manually add them first, by using the + button on artist pages for example, and then you can always tag them afterwards.

Please also note that for an artist to play on your station, there needs to be streamable content for that artist. See this FAQ for more information.
How do I find people I know on
You can use the friend finder to search your Facebook, Google, and Yahoo contacts, and to browse people you may know from your network of friends already using

There's also a button on this page to help you tweet your profile to your Twitter followers, so that they can find you.
How can I use my exported loved tracks, playlists and personal tags?
Exporting your loved tracks, playlists and personal tags from your library allows you to use these lists with external applications and services.

XSPF (XML Shareable Playlist Format) is used by many programs and websites. See the XSPF applications list and visit the individual websites for details about how to upload your playlist and listen to it.

Media players that support XSPF:

If you have the tracks available locally, you can import your XSPF playlist into the following media players directly:

  • Windows Media Player: You can open the XSPF in VLC then save the XSPF as a supported format for Windows Media Player, either .asx/.wax/.m3u etc. then open that file in WMP.
  • Amarok (Unix)
  • VLC (PC, Mac, Linux)

  • The following media players support XSPF files after installing a plugin:

  • Winamp plugin allowing XML Sharable Playlist Format import (Plext)
  • Foobar plugin which allows import/export of XSPF files

  • Exporting as TSV (Tab Separated Values) provides a simple means of importing your track lists into a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice.