Frequently Asked Questions


What can I do if I want to report an offensive user or inappropriate material?
If you wish to flag any behaviour or material that is considered offensive or inappropriate according to our Community Guidelines, please send us a support email or send a private message to a moderator if you have a problem with a particular user.

Please note that we ask you to not report any other users in public places such as the support forums.
How can I protect my account against phishing scams?
“Phishing” means trying to trick users into revealing valuable data, such as their usernames and passwords, by means of deception. This can be done through, for instance, a spoof web page that looks like the login page of another website (e.g., on which you can enter your personal details thinking you’re logging into that other website, but you’re actually giving your details to the fraud website.

To protect your login details, do always make sure when you’re logging into that you are on the login page – this is a secure page, and the URL in the address window of your browser must start with – any other sites are scam. Never enter your login details on unknown sites.

If you ever feel that your login details have been compromised, please log into and change your password (don’t forget to choose a secure password!) to make sure no one else has access to your account.
Where is the Blackberry App?
As of 20 September 2010, has decided to sunset development and maintenance of the Blackberry app. If you’re currently using the app, it will still continue to work, but functionality may decrease over time (and the app has now been withdrawn from the Blackberry App World). is committed to bringing a high quality user experience to mobile. Going forward we will be focusing on our flagship smartphone experiences: for iPhone and iPod Touch and Android.

Blackberry requires extensive support/QA for their various handsets; data connectivity through cell networks; and corporate data plans that make it a challenge for us to guarantee you a high quality user experience at this time.