Frequently Asked Questions for Spotify

Can I import my playlists into Spotify?
Not yet, but it's something we would like to add in a later version.
Where are the rest of my Loved Tracks?
We can only display your most recent 50 loved tracks in this version. You can save these to a playlist by clicking More Loved Tracks in the overview, then Save to Playlist.
How do I love a track in the Spotify app?
Go to the Now Playing tab in the app and you'll see the Love/Unlove button near the track name.
How do I dismiss an album recommendation?
Hover your mouse over the album in the app, and click the x that appears.
How much music can I play on Spotify for free?
Spotify have certain listening restrictions based on what type of account you have with them. You can read more about this here.
Where can I get general help with the Spotify client?
For general assistance with the Spotify client, please click here.