Frequently Asked Questions

The Scrobbler

What is the Scrobbler?
The Scrobbler (also called "the client") is a desktop application which you can use to scrobble the music you listen to with your media player on your computer, and to see more information about the music you're currently playing, as well as what your friends are listening to.
What are the technical requirements for using the Scrobbler?
Microsoft Windows
To use the latest version of our Scrobbler, you need a PC-compatible computer running Windows XPor Vista. You can get the latest version from our download page.

If you are running an older version of Windows, for instance Windows 98 or 2000, we ask that you update your operating system. Alternatively you can use an older version of the software which you can download here, but please note that as this version is outdated, we can't help you with any problems you might have with it.

Apple Mac OS X
Our Mac client requires OS X Tiger and Leopard (10.4.0 and later). You can download the latest version from our download page.

If you use OS X 10.3.9, you can download an older version of the software here, but please note that we can't issue any support for this older version, only for the latest one. Unfortunately, there aren't any versions of the software available for OS X versions older than 10.3.9.

We also offer a Linux version of the client. You can get the Ubuntu Gutsy package from our download page here.

The client is also available as a source tarball and from Subversion. Details about this can also be found on our download page, towards the bottom.
Which media players does the Scrobbler support?
Our Windows client officially works with the following media players:

  • Winamp, version 5.5x
  • Windows Media Player, versions 9, 10, 11
  • iTunes, 7,8,9,10 and 11
  • Foobar2000, versions 0.9.2, 0.9.4, 0.9.5

These plugins are downloaded and installed automatically via the client; simply go to the menu Tools > Get Plugin... and follow the instructions in the setup wizard.

Our Mac client works with iTunes. There are no media player plugins for the Linux client.
What can I do if my Scrobbler has stopped scrobbling my music?
If your scrobbler software has stopped scrobbling your music, there could be various reasons for this. The most common ones are:

1) It cannot connect to the Internet to submit your scrobbles. Please make sure that your Internet connection is working fine, and that no firewall or no other security program is blocking the software.

2) It cannot connect to our submissions server, either because the server is actually currently down (see for its status), or because it fails to connect to the server. In either case, your scrobbles are getting cached locally and will get submitted once the server can be reached again.

Go to the Diagnostics dialog which can be found in the menu Help, check the Scrobbling tab for the status of the submissions server which would be "Error: Could not reach server" and for a list of your cached scrobbles.
If you see this error and your cached scrobbles there, try reconnecting to the submissions server by clicking your username in the menu Account. This should trigger the submission of the cached tracks.

3) It might be that you don't have the correct plugins installed, or that you don't have them installed properly. Please check this FAQ for which plugins the software supports, and how to install them.

4) If you are using Windows Media Player, please make sure that the scrobbling plugin is enabled in the media player. WMP disables any third party plugins automatically if the program was terminated unexpectedly.
To enable the plugin again, go to Tools > Plug-Ins > Options > Category "Background" in WMP10 or Now Playing > Plug-ins > Other in WMP11 and tick the checkbox next to " Plugin".

5) It simply might be that you are using an outdated version of the software, the media player plugin, or the media player itself. If supported by your operating system, we recommend you to use the latest versions of the software, plugin and media player in any case.

If this doesn't help you yet, please follow the instructions posted in this forum thread here.

If you still have problems scrobbling, feel free to ask for help in the Scrobbler Support forum giving as many details as possible:

  • Which operating system exactly are you using?
  • Which media player and which version of it are you using?
  • Which versions of the software and the media player plugin have you installed? You can look this up in the menu Help > About

  • Do you know at which point the scrobbling process fails? Does the music you listen to with your media player appear in the software player or not, does the Diagnostics dialog say that your tracks are getting cached, or is there no error message at all? You can use the "Copy to Clipboard" function in the Diagnostics dialog to copy and paste this information into your support message. The more information you give us, the better we can help you to get your player scrobbling again!
    The Scrobbler asks me for my proxy settings, but I’m not behind a proxy? (Or don’t even know what this is?)
    If you’re trying to install and set up the Scrobbler on your computer and it asks you for your proxy settings, but you know you’re not behind a proxy, or don’t even know what this is, it’s very likely that another program is preventing the scrobbler from accessing the Internet to verify your user details.

    Of course you don’t need to enter any proxy details that you don’t have in this case, but check if there’s a firewall or another security software blocking your Scrobbler’s Internet access and if there is, you need to configure your security software to allow access.
    What can I do if the Scrobbler tells me that my time or time zone is wrong and that I can’t scrobble because of this?
    If you get a message that your time or time zone is wrong, we ask you to check your computer’s clock and date, as well as its time zone settings and make sure that these are correct.

    Check if your computer’s time is correct, but also its date – day, month and year – and that it’s set to the correct time zone, with “Automatically adjust clock for Daylight Saving Time” enabled (if you’re using Windows). It helps to automatically synchronise your computer with an Internet time server, and if you modify any settings, make sure you restart your Scrobbler afterwards before you try again.
    What is fingerprinting?
    Fingerprinting is a technique for analysing the actual audio content of the tracks you listen to in order to produce a unique ID for each song. This will allow us to identify and scrobble what you listen to without having to rely on ID3 tags and other metadata. It will also allow us to automatically figure out what the correct spelling of song titles should be and clean up our catalogue data.

    For now, all that the desktop app does is collect the fingerprint data to bootstrap our moderation system. It does not change any MP3 files on your computer.

    This does involve a slight CPU hit at the start of each track, and potentially a longer one later on in case it's a track we haven't yet fingerprinted in its entirety. If this bothers you, you can switch off fingerprinting altogether from the Scrobbling page of the Options/Preferences dialog.

    Fingerprinting will identify the artist, album and song name only. will not be able to identify the source of the song. We will not know if the song is from a CD or mp3.