• ~Welcome~

    Welcome to the ~Asian Soul~ group.
    I made this group to introduce Asian Soul fans to others who are interested in the same. I also made this group for anyone who's looking for something new or just trying to broaden there music interest.

    So everyone can get acquainted please feel out this survey. If you don't want to feel it out then you don't have to.

    Name:(You don't have to put your real name just w/e you want to be called)
    Favorite Korean Artist/Group:(You can put both an artist and a group if you like.)
    Favorite Japanese Artist/Group:
    Favorite Chinese Artist/Group:
    Favorite Korean Song:
    Favorite Japanese Song:
    Favorite Chinese Song:
    Favorite Korean Album:
    Favorite Japanese Album:
    Favorite Chinese Album:

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  • Name:HSG
    Favorite Korean Artist/Group:Lim Jeong Hee(임정희)/1TYM
    Favorite Japanese Artist/Group:May J./Foxxi misQ
    Favorite Chinese Artist/Group:Jolin Tsai
    Favorite Korean Song:Music Is My Life
    Favorite Japanese Song:ROSE
    Favorite Chinese Song:玩美
    Favorite Korean Album:Breeze Of Sea
    Favorite Japanese Album:DORAMA-11 STORIES-
    Favorite Chinese Album:J-Game

  • Name:Ash
    Favorite Korean Artist/Group: Brown Eyes/V.O.S/Eddie/Wheesung/Tei
    Favorite Japanese Artist/Group: The Gospellers/SOULHEAD/Yamamoto Ryohei/CHEMISTRY/Miliyah Kato
    Favorite Chinese Artist/Group: n/a
    Favorite Korean Song: 벌써 일년
    Favorite Japanese Song: 夢の外 SOUND SOUND SOUND
    Favorite Chinese Song:n/a
    Favorite Korean Album: With Coffee
    Favorite Japanese Album: Dressed Up To The Nines
    Favorite Chinese Album: n/a

  • Name: Tempest
    Age: 20
    Favorite Korean Artist/Group: Kim Ji Eun & Big Bang
    Favorite Japanese Artist/Group: Namie Amuro & Do As Infinity
    Favorite Chinese Artist/Group: CoCo Lee
    Favorite Korean Song: Rain by Kim Ji Eun
    Favorite Japanese Song: Recover by Hiromi
    Favorite Korean Album: Vol. 1 Rain by Kim Ji Eun
    Favorite Japanese Album: PLAY by Namie Amuro

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