Musicbrainz-Picard: zenwalk-pkg released!

  • Musicbrainz-Picard: zenwalk-pkg released!

    Hello group!

    ...And a special hello to those zenwalk-users, who've got a big music collection, too:

    According to this zenwalk-forum request about Musicbrainz' automatic mp3-tagger "Picard" I can tell you some good news:

    My PPC (personal package creator) beatz2bait aka "til"@zenwalk-forum managed to release this very useful application:

    You can find the package and dependency-files here.
    Contrary to til's comment here I needed to install all .tgz-packages of his directory and qt4-base (He forgot mutagen and libdiscid in his posting at zenwalk-forum):

    (qt4-devel isn't needed!)

    Works fine!
    Thanks, beatz2bait!

    How to Tag Files With Picard

    "I'm the transmitter - I give information,
    you're the antenna - catch the vibration."

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