• Emo lyric time

    Denis suggested it and I thought it was a good idea.

    Some of us are musicians and some of us just like to write. If you ever come up with anything to share and want some thoughts, well, this is the place to do it! I'll go too after someone else does DON'T BE SHY GUYS.

    It doesn't really have to be lyrics. It can be thoughts or poetry OF ALL KINDS.

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    • 6 Mar 2012, 12:35
    i don't like the title but whatever man, i'll be the first to post.

    I only made of clay,
    was happy just to see you smile.
    please use me as a vessel
    to hold the tears that you drop every night.

    I only made of paper and ink,
    felt at peace only when you pour your heart to me.
    use me as a book so that when you were talking about your day,
    I could write all that you've told me in my heart.

    I am only a weak man.
    only with your arms I can feel the warmth.
    and just by talking to you
    I can prove my existence in this world.

    I am only a weak man.
    there was nothing I could do
    except make you smile again when you're sad.

    i'm a dead person,
    satisfied only by blindly following you.
    and your one and only chair.
    please sit on me whenever you feel tired.

    I only made of iron and steel.
    and the only shield that you have.
    please use me if you feel this world is a cold, dead and evil place.

    I'm just a light,
    that always wander in the darkest place in your heart.
    and I was the only light you have.
    I will protect you in a dark place,
    and will always illuminate your heart
    even a glimmer of stains pollute your heart,
    the stain will soon disappear.

    I am only a weak man.
    only when you're beside me,
    I finally understand what purpose of my life.

    I'm just a weak man.
    and when you go, I understand
    that it was too late,
    to express my feelings to you.

  • ): I just felt it would fit the group nicely ok. Title isn't MEANT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY. On a srs note though you really talented dude. I love it.

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    • 6 Mar 2012, 13:01
    thx nathan. what about the grammar ? i think its a mess

  • The only thing I can see is that you probably need some more "I am" or "I'm" because a few times you just put "I". Idk though i'm not much of a grammar person. Maybe rhys can help out since HE FREAKS OUT ON THE VERY LACK OF APOSTROPHES.

  • Because I said I would I guess I'll post something that came to me during class over the last few days. A revisit on old feelings of something. Whether it's done/I like it will depend if it ever ends up on a song.

    To my surprise one can drop lower
    To my surprise one can actually get worse
    You turned your head from innocence for a cheap thrill,
    but that was history.
    You tell him this time it's different
    This time is two times to late.

    Alliteration ahoy. My fourth grade teacher would be PROUD.

  • K my lyrics are angry and personal and I don't uses many metaphors but if I cant even type them to strangers online how will I be able to sing them. So here goes nothing.

    People say I'm and asshole, and maybe they're right.
    But in the end its just honesty, and obviously you cannot handle reality.
    So just tell your lies and hide the truth behind those blue eyes.
    One day you'll realize that your lies have made a mess of everything and that you hate your friends.
    You'll know I was right all along.
    Who's the asshole now?

    *edit Open for any constructive criticism.

  • I can see this skrammed over octaves :b

  • Exactly ;)

  • Legit Poets like, in literary history.

    Who here actually reads poetry? I am starting to, soon I plan on reading Walt Whitman, And right now I'm reading Emerson.(I don't know why I said Robert Frost) I also forgot Edgar Allan Poe, I've read a lot of his stuff. I'm never ever reading Tennyson because I hate his rhyming. (Ulysses is an exception). um. Idk. Anyone enjoy anyone else?

    "I can hear the ocean when I say your name: in the yellow hem of the sea's blue skirt."
    ThreeBoundary said:
    chillout man. it's just thursday
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  • Read some poetry that came with my agna moraine record heh. Can't say I read poetry..

  • Also, I guess I'll contribute.

    well I just came up with this nonsense. It was going to have a theme with like parrallel structure and stuff but I am not very poetic.

    My home is among the stars
    I feel lonely in large crowds
    Confronted with the absurdity of existence here
    Set me free among the firmanent.

    My home is underground
    I itch in my skin, it never has quite fit
    I won't be confronted with the absurdity of existence here
    when I'm six feet in the earth
    and all my friends are worms.

    "I can hear the ocean when I say your name: in the yellow hem of the sea's blue skirt."
    ThreeBoundary said:
    chillout man. it's just thursday
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    • 6 Mar 2012, 23:49
    ^ thats nice cole. i like the stuff from albert camus, a novel from eiji yoshikawa, a lyrics from Godspeed you! black emperor, Simon and Garfunkel, bob dylan and wathcing a dozen of romance anime and movies

  • I have no reason to ever write lyrics. Every feeling I've ever had was written twenty years ago in California.

    Searching for answers, in this dark cold cage of my mind.
    Is there anyone who could smile and help me define.
    What it is in love that I cannot find. Is there anyone,
    Is there anyone who could help me feel less afraid
    Of the pain and the restrictions that bind and tear me away from emotions
    And those words that I could not say.
    Is there anyone who could take this loneliness away.
    Tell me why I'm so afraid of pain,
    When I know I'm solely to blame for my failures.
    It's time to wash these tears away with the rain.
    Is there someone, is there anyone...
    Where are all the people who could be part of my happiness.
    Where is all the love; Is there something I missed.
    Where are all the smiling faces in this sea of averted eyes.
    Where is the truth in this world full of lies.
    I'm searching for someone; someone I could share my thoughts with.
    Someone I could trust. Tell me how it is not to fear.
    Tell me all your fears; I will do my best to fill your heart.
    I won't let you fall into darkness.
    There's strength inside; a light to guide my actions
    I try to hide what's inside my head.
    I hurt myself and no one else; the end.
    Where all the people...
    There's no easy answers and they say nothing lasts forever,
    But the child inside my head tells me to believe in fairy tales.
    I just need someone that I could give all my love to.
    I am reaching out into the darkness...


    You bastards, you cowards.
    Why don't you do something?
    Slowly I'll die and now without pain.
    There is no cure.
    Just a pat on the back to help me get used to it.
    No. No, you don't know how I feel.
    So there is nothing left for you to say...

  • Tears in my eyes Phil ;_; Haha, so you wrote that a while ago?

  • ery day i duble postin

  • First is Still Life, second is Mohinder.

    The first Still Life 7" in the ultimate emo ep.

  • looool man this is the second time this has happened to me.

  • oh man and i thought you were like an emo wizard for a second.

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    • 8 Mar 2012, 06:53
    from empty cage ? CMIIW

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    • 8 Mar 2012, 07:06
    i made a lyrics/poet/whatev last night and i need all of your opinions about it.

    i remember the day when we're walking side to side,
    holding hands through the storms
    of ever-branching path in our glory days.
    we've got a big road ahead glimmering with lights.
    but we close the curtains and throw it all away.
    always Trying to figure out what my head thinks,
    denying what my heart felt.
    even the sun didn't shines like it was used to be,
    the mirror always scared me, drowning me in my own reflection. do you feel the same, my love ?
    how long you will crawling in the darkness ?
    how long for you to understand that you are a slave,
    enchained in that forest by someone who you call a lover ?
    how long will you wait until the skies is clear ?
    if this is need then i never wanted you
    a funeral for our saddest day
    this is the end, and this was the last words for you
    i loved you

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    • 8 Mar 2012, 07:06
    i think it was crap

  • Well I like it a lot Dennis. Your work is very honest and I love that.

  • Maybe I'll post some of my lyrics I use for my band's songs. Not now, though.

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    • 8 Mar 2012, 10:27
    i wanna see it RAIT NAOW

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