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    Dreams thread

    For this thread, post any dreams that you want to share, and discuss them if you wish.

  • Last night I had a dream that my crushes friends and I all went to her house to visit since it's been almost (if not) a year since we saw her. We all thought it would be a "deep" gift if we got her a book that reminded us of how we felt about her/ her moving etc. None of the books made sense sadly. All I remember was my book was about a tree that ate living fruit people or something (maybe it was a snake now that I think about it...) and someone else's book was about some knight. Anyway, dream didn't make much sense, but it was nice to "see" her again.

  • I like it in dreams when things make sense. WHAT SENSE IS BEHIND FRUIT EATING TREES.

  • There was also a lot of flying in my dream last night, which is one of my favorite things to do in dreams. In real life i'm always stuck on the floor, so it is one chance I get to break that. Also, when i'm out side in my dreams (where I was flying) I always feel light headed. There is something in that dream air...it just doesn't feel the same as real outside. I can't wait to lucid dream again so I can explore the towns and cities my head make up. They always look so cool.

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    today or more accurately 15 minutes ago, i had a dream that my friends had a girlfriends and keep on saying somethin about havin sex together. and when I went away to the park. they followed me and kept talking about their girlfriends, then I suddenly woke up from my dream. IT WAS A NIGHTMARE FOR ME BECAUSE I'M THE ONLY ONE IN THAT DREAM WHO DOESNT HAVE A GF

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    Okay, I had a dream the other night, the setting looked like the back of the oval of my old primary school. there was a festival being held, there were many people there. I met this woman, and we were in each other's company for the remainder of that time, I remember just following her around, not saying a lot , to my recollection. My dream as I remember it then cut to inside some temple-looking structure, and I was with these hooded figures and one was a woman that could have been the same one as the first one I mentioned, we were all walking as if we were on a pilgrimage of some kind. My dream ended there, as far as I can tell. Again, I don't remember it well as it was several days ago.

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    I like this thread. I rarely remember my dreams though, just tiny fragments if anything.

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    • 30 Jan 2012, 06:44
    This thread is pretty good. The dreams posted are pretty interesting. Can we talk about em a ? I've read everything and I have questions about them.

    I dreamed that the FBI opened megaupload for a day yesterday. I guess that shows I care to much for the internet?

    Also on the past week's Sunday's night I dreamed with my crush I was talking with her on a bus, she got off the bus to take another bus to her home. I was already in the bus that would take me home. I chose to get off the bus to go with her so I could make her company. We talked in the bus and I decided to tell her about me feelings. When I told her everything she gave me a big sigh. But not a love sigh a tired sigh. In a blink a guy appeared next to her and told me he was his boyfriend. I got all sad and decided to leave, before I got off the bus she got up and told me: "Can we still be friends?" I said: "Of course. Have a nice time with your boy". And after that I woke up.

    Strange fact: My crush just started a relationship with someone today. I don't 't feel so sad about it. I guess my dream prepared me for that situation.

  • This thread is like a Freudian wet dream. Get it?

    I'll leave now. I am awake for stretches of 20 hours and then I sleep for 12 so I never dream. On nights before work I tend to only sleep 2-4 hours so I don't dream then either. At least that I have any recollection of.

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    Wow, Hector, that's a pretty scary coincidence. Almost like a vision.

  • yeah Hector that's pretty crazy.My dream was weird. I dreamt that I woke up for school and out in the hall there were like 15 friends from school waiting to use my shower, making a line. And one of my teachers was in my room and he made an innapropriate joke about boners or something, and no one laughed, and he repeated it like three times. and still, nobody laughed. then I woke up.

    "I can hear the ocean when I say your name: in the yellow hem of the sea's blue skirt."
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    chillout man. it's just thursday
  • You guys should do dream logs so you can remember your dreams better. I just came across my old dream entries. Pretty funny stuff.

  • Not really interesting but why not post my dream entries in here

    There was a math test the seniors had to take that was 10 questions long. Although I got it in school
    I ended up taking it in my bed strangly enough. I didn't end up finishing it. I saw my bed room door
    open and being the pansy I am I thought it was aliens lol. I decided to not be a wuss and see what it was
    and it was that (KID FROM SCHOOLS NAME)kid from school. He came to grade my test. In the middle of him grading
    I remembered I didnt finish and asked him if I could circle random answers, but it was to late.
    He already cricled most of the answers in pen.I just remembered how "confusing" the answers were.
    First I filled in the answers and then it turned out I had to circle the answers. In the beginning
    the questions were all timed in the gym where I was taking it..I dont know how I ended up in my room.
    Anyway, in my dream I was also setting my alarm to practice dream recall (I do not remember past dreams,
    but in all of them I wrote fake dream logs that didn't really happen.) The rest is kind of blurred. I did
    end up getting up early to drink orange juice (I was thirsty last night and kept thinking about it.) At one point
    I started to randomly drinking out of a water bottle that was 2 of them cut in half and put to gether. It was
    squirting water everywhere and I didn't even notice until there was puddles everywhere. My mom showed up a few times
    after that, but I can't remember what was said. In fact that is about all I remember.

    I'm embarrassed how boring this one is, but I'm going to post them all. Why not.

  • lol I think any dream is interesting just because it's a dream ya know? lol. dreams are cool

    "I can hear the ocean when I say your name: in the yellow hem of the sea's blue skirt."
    ThreeBoundary said:
    chillout man. it's just thursday
  • Ryan Woods (Defiance, Ohio) talking about what the song "Lullabies" means to him: "I imagine this song being sung to a child sleeping out and looking up at the stars and realizing how large and incredible the world is. I used to get scared looking up at the stars at night because it was like looking at billions of other worlds … it’s easy to get so caught up in the gears of life, work, school, obligations, responsibilities, that we lose any sort of creative ambition or desire for ridiculous adventures, and so the only time we have to imagine is when we sleep. I originally had a line in the song that said “Its so sad to only dream when you sleep” and I really think it’s true. Maybe if we allowed ourselves the time to take a step back and realize how wonderful our world can be (if we stop destroying it, that is) we could dream up all kinds of things for ourselves.
    I felt like this was a little bit relevant so I decided I'd share it.

    "I can hear the ocean when I say your name: in the yellow hem of the sea's blue skirt."
    ThreeBoundary said:
    chillout man. it's just thursday
  • That is a rad quote man.

    Here was last nights dreams. I'm waiting for a heart breaking dream to cry about with you guys but instead I get zapdos.

    I'm looking for a dream sign, but the only thing any of my dreams have in common is fake sleep paralysis lol.

    For the most part this dream was pokemon themed...sort of. I remember before I REALLY fell asleep
    I was imagining flying,but then I noticed how high I was and woke up in sleep paralysis. The same thing
    happened when I fell back asleep except I was riding a zapdos and everything was ok.
    Before I go on about the pokemon stuff, at one point I was at school sitting at a desk when (OLD DRUMMER) came up to
    me out of no where. He kept apologizing for the things he did saying he was sorry and he missed me and what not.
    It wasn't very comfortable for me. In fact, I told him this was weird and for girls. I ended up leaving.
    The pokemon side of the dream is a blur. There was a lot of zapdos though. I was riding him
    around and even did some sort of boss battle but I cant remember it much. It contained breaking the windows
    of a van with a stick though (I ended up finding a pair weed cutters or w/e and used that to break the windows.)
    Once finished I was rewarded for finishing with a...Cat. The cat sometimes looked like Sam (my old cat that I had
    for a good portion of mylife) but at one point while I was holding him it looked like a tuxido cat. It was very
    cuddly. I can't remember why but at point it started getting really strong. It rubbed against my hand and it sent
    my whole arm flying backwards.

    At one point of the dream I went to the school library early in the morning to do something for langauge arts.
    When I went in there I thought I only saw one kid, but when I turned the light on all of a sudden the seats were
    saved for others and there were girls laughing at the computers. I sat down next to someone I recognized (but cannot
    remember) and tried to my work. Next to me was an empty computer with a WoW character running into a wall. I thought
    I forogt my work and started complaining about it to others, but I ended up finding it in my bag.

    That was the second time I slept
    The third time I slept it was a bit different. Ok alot different. First of most of took place in my bed trying
    to sleep, but my room was very different arrangment wise.I kept waking up in sleep paralysis (this is how the dream
    was convinving...fake sleep paralysis) because I kept hearing a horn noise. It started to annoy me after several times of
    "waking up." I thought to myself that it couldn't be my sister but she kept getting up and pressing on some horn and laying back down.
    I got up and took it from her. When I woke up again uninterrupted I woke up late for school. When I looked at the clock
    the time kept changing (a hint that the dream was indeed a dream.) I told my Mom that no matter how quickly I left the hosue
    I would be late for school. Turns out her and (HER FRIEND) were going to go somewhere and had a baby sitter for the kids.
    She told me "Ugh why are you always available when we don't need you." She told me I could stay home from school, but
    all of a sudden I started getting skittish and everything scared me. I tried to let her know but she was on the phone and
    wouldn't listen to me. I then woke up.

  • it's weird reading details of someone elses dream, because you imagine it, but it can't be exactly how it was for that person. but anyway. I found the WoW character bit most interesting just because it could be legitimate symbolism. And the whole third time you slept. As for the cat and pokemon thing. Idk. lol. I had a dream last night but I dont remember it

    "I can hear the ocean when I say your name: in the yellow hem of the sea's blue skirt."
    ThreeBoundary said:
    chillout man. it's just thursday
  • Last night I could not remember anything more than about 5 seconds of a dream. sucks ):.

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    Told myself I would remember a dream last night; didn't remember a single one.

  • I actually did remember one from last night.

    Well, i remember parts. I was a mage from world of warcraft, and me and some person were killing miniture trees that had come to life and were rampaging in my town. I remeber there were three people responsible for this, and we were going to kill them. We realized the reason one of them had made trees come to life was because he had eaten one. So we threw popcorn in his mouth and all of the corn stalks in my town (that aren't there in real life) came to life and helped us kill two of the three people responsible. Me and the person from earlier then went after the third of the evil doers who had escaped in to a gas station, then my alarm clock went off. I've actually been thinking about it all day because some parts are so amazingly vivid, and then others are just entirely gone.

  • I love this thread. I am really big on dreams. i don't know if day dreams count because i constantly have them and zone out and they are horrifying and i cry a lot. i just said and too much.. SOMETIMES I HAVE DREAMS THEN WHAT HAPPENS IN THE DREAMS HAPPENS THE FOLLOWING DAY

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    Wow every dream here's pretty interesting. I also can't remember what I dreamed yesterday.
    I've always thought that dreaming with ethereal beings is scary... I dreamt with an ethereal guy on Monday's morning I suppose that I dream something like that because I read about Rhys' dreams and I found it cool and interesting.
    A dream about Warcraft would be so awesome.
    Tamaki like what have you dreamt that happened the next day? Sounds a little scary.

  • Tamaki, remember when you told me jigglypuff shows up in your deams a lot? That could very well be your dreamsign and can be used to turn all dreams lucid.

  • well i feel like this could just be body related. i had dreamed about getting my period ( sorry lads) and got it that following day. and i have dreams about tests or little things and everything feels like de ja vu /: dream sign??? i don't want it to be jigglepuff ugh she sucks. i dont understand. ugh lucid dreams.

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    I had the biggest deja vu before. I can't even remember what it was, but I literally shook for about a second. It was real life, unfortunately Let's hope it happens in a dream this time.

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