• Help me find as many releases from 2013 to enjoy and review!!!

    22 Mar 2013, 12:34 by arilitt

    I have been doing this for the last few years. I am looking for releases in the following genres: Indie-Pop, Indie-Rock, Post-Rock, Math Rock, Progressive Rock, Punk, Pop-Punk, Post-Punk, Progressive Punk, Hardcore, Post-Hardcore, Progressive Hardcore, Shoegaze, Avant-Garde, Experimental, Psychedelic, Noise-Rock, (Real) Emo, Post-Emo, Screamo, Thrash-Metal, Doom-Metal, Black-Metal, Death-Metal, Progressive Metal, Post-Metal, Stoner Metal, Sludge, Ska, Ska-Punk, Reggae, Orgcore, Folk, Alt-Country, Singer Songwriter…or anything along those lines.

    This year I will be much more active in my reviewing. The last three years I have slacked quite a bit.

    Here is the list I have so far:
    Yo La Tengo- Fade
    Bad Religion- True North
    Ra Ra Riot- Beta Love
    Rescuer- With Time Comes The Comfort
    Brave Bird- Maybe You, No One Else Worth It
    Ducktails -The Flower Lane
    Night Marchers -Allez Allez
    I Hate Our Freedom- This Year’s Best Disaster
    Mystical Weapons- Mystical Weapons
    This Town Needs Guns-
    My Bloody Valentine- M B V
    Ladyfinger (NE) -Errant Forms
    Frightened Rabbit -Pedestrian Verse
    Foals- Holy Fire
    Airstrip -Willing
    Civil War Rust -The Fun And The Lonely (cannot get the CD to download to Computer)
    Shai Hulud -Reach Beyond The Sun
    Johnny Marr -The Messenger
    Broadway Calls -Comfort/Distraction
    Jim James -Regions Of Light And Sound Of God
    Swinging Utters- Poorly Formed
    Endless Boogie- Long Island
    Off With Their Heads- Home
    Justin Timberlake- The 20/20 Experience
    The Sky We Scrape- Divides

    Here is the list of albums I know about but do not have
    Telekinesis- Dormarion
    Streetlight Manifesto- Hands That Theive
    Bronx- Bronx (IV)
    Jello Biafra And The Guantanamo School Of Medicine -White People & The Damage Done
    Cave Singers -Naomi
    Chelsea Light Moving -Chelsea Light Moving
    Lovely Bad Things -The Late Great Whatever
    Shout Out Louds -Optica
    Beach Fossils -Clash The Truth
    Pool Party -Pool Party Party
    Dangerbird -Johnny
    Pissed Jeans -Honeys
    Boats -A Fairway Full Of Miners
    Matt Pond -The Lives Inside The Lines In Your Hand
    Bleeding Rainbow -Yeah Right
    Empire! Empire!- ????
    Jason Clackley and the Exquisites-
    Two Knights - A Lot of Bad Things Have Happened, But We're Still Here
    Plow United- Marching Band
    Hundredth- Revolt
    Vales- Clarity
    Restorations- LP2
    Alkaline Trio -My Shame Is True
    Young Statues -Age Isn't Ours
    Low -The Invisible Way
    Men -New Moon
    Deathfix -Deathfix
    Big Dick -Big Dick
    Tomahawk -Oddfellows
    Guided By Voices -Down By The Racetrack
    Rika- How to Draw a River, Step By Step
    Richard Thompson- Electric
    Face to Face- Three Chords and a Half Truth
    Iron Reagan- Worse Than Dead
    Road Home- Old Hearts
    Captain We’re Sinking- The Future is Cancelled
    Cloakroom- Infinity
    Arsis- Unwelcome
    Coasta- Sunzal
    Guided By Voices- English Little League
    Howl- Bloodlines
    Koji- Crooked In My Mind
    Pretty & Nice- Golden Rules For Golden People
    Sharks- Selfhood
    Toxic Holocaust- From the Ashes of Nuclear Destruction
    Iron & Wine- Ghost on Ghost
    Thermals- Desperate Ground
    Turnover- Magnolia
    Kurt Vile -Wakin On A Pretty Daze
    Besnard Lakes- Until In Excess, Imperceptible UFO
    Bleached- Ride Your Heart
    Mudhoney- Vanishing Point
    Wire- Change Becomes Us
    Inspector- Ska A La Carta
    Safe Hands- Montenegro
    Youth Lagoon- Wondrous Bughouse
    Iceage- You’re Nothing
    Suicidal Tendencies- 13
    Atoms For Peace- Amok
  • My Best of 2012

    27 Dec 2012, 12:27 by retiP

    Best Gig:
    #1: MUSE @ Łódź
    #2: COLDPLAY @ Warszawa
    #3: THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM @ Berlin
    #4: IF THESE TREES COULD TALK @ Warszawa
    #5: WHILE SHE SLEEPS @ Poznań
    #6: FLUFF FEST 2012

    Best Song:
    #1 Yellowcard - Here I Am Alive
    #2 As I Lay Dying - Unwound
    #3 The Amity Affliction – Open Letter
    #4 Enter Shikari – Warm Smiles Do Not Make You Welcome Here
    #5 Arcane Roots – Resolve
    #6 The xx - Angels
    #7 While She Sleeps – Our Courage, Our Cancer
    #8 Buried In Verona - Miles Away
    #9 The Ghost Inside – Face Value (ft. Comeback Kid)
    #10 Being As An Ocean – The Hardest Part Is Forgetting Those You Swore You Would Never Forget

    Best Album:
    #1 Don Broco - Priorities
    #2 Departures - Teenage Haze
    #3 Enter Shikari - A Flash Flood Of Colour
    #4 If These Trees Could Talk - Red Forest
    #5 Yellowcard - Southern Air
    #6 The Amity Affliction - Chasing Ghosts
    #7 The Ghost Inside - Get What You Give
    #8 As I Lay Dying - Awakened
    #9 Hurt - The Crux
    #10 Arcane Roots - Left Fire
    #11 Deftones - Koi No Yokan
    #12 While She Sleeps - This Is The Six
    #13 Devil Sold His Soul - Empire of Light
    #14 Being As An Ocean - Dear G-D
    #15 The Tidal Sleep - The Tidal Sleep
    #16 Buried In Verona - Notorious
    #17 Muse - The 2nd Law
    #18 The Elijah - I Loved I Hated I Destroyed I Created
    #19 Verse - Bitter Clarity, Uncommon Grace
    #20 The Gaslight Anthem - Handwritten
    #21 The xx - Coexist
    #22 Lovedrug - Wild Blood
    #23 Shinedown - Amaryllis
    #24 Anberlin - Vital
    #25 Three Days Grace - Transit Of Venus
    #26 Caspian - Waking Season
    #27 Sailor's Grave - Restless
    #28 Pezet - Radio Pezet
    #29 The Samuel Jackson Five - The Samuel Jackson Five
    #30 Japandroids - Celebration Rock
    #31 Hands Like Houses - Ground Dweller
    #32 Stick To Your Guns - Diamond
    #33 Leech - If we get there one day, would you please open the gates
    #34 Tremonti - All I Was
    #35 Hammock - Departure Songs
    #36 Downfall Of Gaia - Suffocating In The Swarm Of Cranes
    #37 Bury Tomorrow - The Union Of Crowns
    #38 Cancer Bats - Dead Set On Living
    #39 10 Years - Minus The Machine
    #40 Iroha - Shepherds & Angels
    #41 Matt And Toby - Matt And Toby
    #42 Landscapes - Life Gone Wrong
    #43 Parabelle - Your Starry Eyes Will Never Make Us Even
    #44 Joy Wants Eternity - The Fog Is Rising
    #45 Zeus - Zeus Nie Zyje

    Best EP:
    #1 Alexisonfire - Death Letter EP
    #2 One Less Reason - A Blueprint for Writhing EP
    #3 The Tidal Sleep - Four Song EP
    #4 Crosses - EP1 & EP2
    #5 Moving Mountains - New Light EP
    #6 Napoleon - What We See EP
    #7 Marriages - Kitsune EP
    #8 Ef - Delusions of Grandeur EP
    #9 Hard To Breathe - Grey Sky Above Our Eyes
    #10 Servants of Silence - Weightless Thoughts EP
  • Help me find as many releases from 2012 to enjoy and review!!!

    28 Jan 2012, 07:19 by arilitt

    I have been doing this for the last few years. I am looking for releases in the following genres: Indie-Pop, Indie-Rock, Post-Rock, Math Rock, Progressive Rock, Punk, Pop-Punk, Post-Punk, Progressive Punk, Hardcore, Post-Hardcore, Progressive Hardcore, Shoegaze, Avant-Garde, Experimental, Psychedelic, Noise-Rock, (Real) Emo, Post-Emo, Screamo, Thrash-Metal, Doom-Metal, Black-Metal, Death-Metal, Progressive Metal, Post-Metal, Stoner Metal, Sludge, Ska, Ska-Punk, Reggae, Orgcore, Folk, Alt-Country, Singer Songwriter…or anything along those lines.

    This year I will be much more active in my reviewing. The last two years I have slacked quite a bit. Here is the list I have so far:

    Lee Ranaldo- Between the Times and The Tides
    Ceremony -Zoo
    Dunes -Noctiluca
    Magnetic Fields -Love At The Bottom Of The Sea
    Cheap Girls -Giant Orange
    Cursive -I Am Gemini
    Menzingers -On The Impossible Past
    Sleigh Bells -Reign Of Terror
    Classics Of Love -Classics Of Love
    Earth -Angels Of Darkness, Demons Of Light II
    Orange Goblin -A Eulogy For The Damned
    Saddest Landscape -After The Lights
    Tennis -Young & Old
    Dr. Dog -Be The Void
    Trap Them -Sleepwell Deconstructor
    Aborted -Global Flatline
    John K. Samson -Provincial
    Shins- Port of Morrow
    Paul McCartney- Kisses on the Bottom
    Van Halen- A Different Kind of Truth
    Nada Surf- The Stars Are Indifferent to Astronomy
    Weakerthans- Provincial
    Ben Kweller- Go Fly a Kite
    Smashing Pumpkins- Oceania
    The Jealous Sound- A Gentle Reminder
    Goyte- Making Mirrors
    Leonard Cohen- Old Ideas
    Ringo Starr- Ringo 2012
    Victor Villarreal- Invisible Cinema

    I know there must be a million things I am missing. I am really looking for some good Emo Releases. Please help me out!
  • A Day on TT.FM with Neesh

    9 Nov 2011, 06:21 by neesh


    10 Oct 2011, 23:49 by richardcore

    Name your top 10 most played bands on

    1. Jimmy Eat World
    2. Brand New
    3. Glassjaw
    4. Taking Back Sunday
    5. Anathallo
    6. Thrice
    7. Brandtson
    8. Thursday
    9. Circa Survive
    10. Dashboard Confessional

    Now answer the questions according to the numbers:

    what was the first song you ever heard by 6?
    This is impossible to know. I started listening to Thrice when I was 14 by finding them on before Identity Crisis came out. So it had to be one of their very early tracks like Ultra Blue. I remember really liking that one at the time so maybe that. I only had a couple songs of theirs then.

    what is your favourite album of 2?
    Definitely The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me.

    what is your favorite lyric that 5 has sung?
    Probably "Someday they will build monuments for us" from Hoodwink. I love they way it's sung compared to the rest of the song and I love the history behind it.

    how many times have you seen 4 live?
    Twice. Once in 2003 at the 930 Club in D.C. when I didn't even like them. That was the time to see them too! I saw them much later in 2007 at the OU arena. I loved seeing them, but the show was much worse. Too big, too many people.

    what is your favorite song by 7?
    Drawing a Line in the Sand. I used to listen to it a lot a few years ago. I honestly don't listen to Brandtson much anymore but I listened to them so much when I was 20 that it'll take a long time to knock them off my top 10 plays list. I think there was a period of a couple months where I literally listened to nothing but Brandtson. I really identified with the music then.

    what is a good memory you have considering the music of 10?
    Too many! It's wonderful how a guy who sings such sad songs can leave me with so many good memories. I think it's because of a certain connectedness his fans have. My latest good Dashboard memory is from earlier this year when I saw him solo in Dallas playing Swiss Army Romance in its entirety with my girlfriend and somegaveall. Great times.

    is there a song of 3 that makes you sad?
    Glassjaw sings about sad things. I think their saddest might be Motel of the White Locust.

    what is your favorite lyric that 2 has sung?
    Lacey is such a clever lyricist that it's hard to pick. I really like his cockiness frustration when he sings "I am heaven sent/Don't you dare forget/I am all you've ever wanted/What all the other boys all promised/Sorry I told/I just needed you to know" in Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don't.

    what is your favorite song by 9?

    how did you get in to 3?
    I have no idea how I first heard of them, but it was probably somewhere around 2000. I thought they were a little "weird" at the time and didn't listen too much. Then in maybe 2002 I was invited to one of their shows and went to buy tickets but they were out or something and ended up missing the show. It wasn't until later, maybe 2005, that I really started to appreciate them because of a friend of mine was really into them. Seeing them in 2006 was one of the best nights of my life!

    what was the first song you heard by 1?
    The Middle (this hasn't changed from my last survey 5 years ago haha)

    what is your favorite song by 4?
    Cute Without The E (cut From The Team)

    how many time have you seen 9 live?
    I think twice. This was a band I had to see live to really appreciate. Anthony Green has an amazing stage presence.

    what is a good memory you have concerning 2?
    Seeing them FINALLY in Tulsa in 2009 with a good friend of mine.

    is there a song of 8 that makes you sad?
    Again, this is a band that sings about sad stuff. I think Standing On The Edge Of Summer is sad because he's singing about the last time he saw his grandmother before she died. Easy to relate to that and get a little teary.

    what is your favorite album of 5?

    what is your favorite lyric that 3 has sung?
    Yikes! I'm afraid to say because their best lyrics are so disgusting and hateful. I love the end of Motel of the White Locust though because of the repeated line at the end: "Pack your shit and leave/And take my memories of her with you"

    what is your favorite song of 1?
    Five years ago I said Disintegration. It was new then. While it's still an amazing track, I have to say that today my all-time favorite would have to be 23. To think that I used to listen to it and imagine what it would be like when I was 23 and now I'm 26!

    what is your favourite song of 10?
    The Best Deceptions

    how many times have you seen 8 live?
    At least once. I can't remember. I saw them once in maybe 2006 in Ft Worth also with somegaveall. That was a fun weekend. We stayed in a really terrible motel down the street from the club to catch a show there again the next night.

    what is your favourite album of 1?
    Five years ago I said Clarity. Today, I'm not sure. Clarity is still fantastic of course but since then I've really learned to appreciate Futures.

    what is a great memory you have considering 9?
    Probably the first time I saw them live and realized how wonderful they were. It was a mesmerizing experience, honestly.

    what was the first song you heard by 8?
    Man, this is hard to know. It was probably 10 years ago. Something off Full Collapse, I'm sure.
  • some new sound from blake nine nine

    8 Feb 2011, 08:32 by sevensciences

  • latest thefamily3 free release

    7 Feb 2011, 02:29 by neesh

    Please lend an ear to this compilation of songs my bro Anthony Masington has been involved in. If you dig what you hear, let him know by buying it for however much you’d like to donate.

    Btw, Ant is 1/3 of Mours, has released music with A Scream For The Memory, The Flatline Symphony... and is in the process of recording his soul(o) record as Session 606

    The Anthony Masington EP
    released 07 February 2011

    Thanks to the The Masington Family, Christina Neesh (My sister in crime), Josh and Joey Eppard (Brothers from another mother), Weerd Science, Mours, Dave Parker (dude buddy), Beta Soul, The Flatline Symphony, Bryan Mills, Katy Schmidt (Art Design, you the best), Chris Pohlman (tickle, tickle), Jonathon Snyder (threw together this compilation, homedog!!), Ditching Your Hypocrite, Parliament Apparel, Michael Andrade (Blood brother from another mother “You’re a good boy, hail satan”), Jim Shields (Nice guy Jimmy), Olin Johnson (You the man), Tyler Wohlfelder (WEREWOLF, WOLFY, ETC..You’re the homie of a lifetime), Aaron Gambala (Damn straight, been with me from the start always kickin it bro! Cali ain’t really that far away), Matt Welbourne (Likes this), All of the killgannons who support me, Misty Mason, CJ Coulter (Quit lickin my dick), Alex Appleton (Hell yes out of reach, thanks for bein there supportin a brother in need), A Dream Worth Dying For, Ray Lewis (Damn right dawg, killin it on em vox), Dan Pizzoferrato (ILL!), Last Minute Hero, Faster Than Fate, Joshua Peacock (Journeys 4 lyf doogie), Kwam (Man i really miss you), Dirty Ern (The cleanest, illest provider of the sweet talk, you know how to make a person feel good about life), Trent Strunk, Eric Masington (Blood bro for life, i love you), Chris Bittner (Grundle, inside joke between us), Michael Birnbaum, Eric Blackway (YUUUPPP), Joey Valentine (biggest dick of em all, in those pants), Vincity (hell yeah with those pipes), Josh Roseboro (mad beard disease), Brian K. Gaitin (Got that K middle initial, meaning the dopeness..tell the world your stories) and everyone else who’s helped out and supported. You’re all the loves of my life. Especially you brittni marie.<3
    Well, it all began with me being born with a guitar in hand.

    Cross The Vulture” (2010) (off of The Flatline Symphony album “This Is What They Call Surgery” (2011)) - Anthony Masington - Vocals, Jimmypop - Bass, Myk Londino-Guitar/Vocals, Bryan Mills-Drums, Eric Blackway-Guitar
    Recorded at Oceanic Recording
    Mixed by Will Donnelly and Taylor Larson

    Division the Conqueror” (2009) - Anthony Masington on all instruments, Ian Fursa and Eric Masington on backing vocals. Harmonica by Allison.
    Recorded in my old Kingston, NY Apartment, Studio K in Trevose, PA. The Delta in Levittown, PA. and Red Room Studio in Morrisville, PA.
    Mixed by Anthony Masington and Ian Fursa

    Whiskey Kings and Sulphur Queens (The Children Are on Fire)” (2010) (off of the A Scream For The Memory album “Pilgrims, Nomads, and Artisans!!!“(2011))- Anthony Masington on all instruments.
    Recorded at Studio K in Trevose, PA.
    Mixed by Anthony Masington

    Another Typical Horror Flick” (2009)
    Anthony Masington on all instruments
    Recorded at Studio K in Trevose, PA
    Mixed by Anthony Masington

    City by the Sea” (2010) - Anthony Masington on Vocals and synth, Ethan Bifano on Guitars, Cj Coulter on Drums
    Recorded in Morrisville, PA and at Studio K in Trevose, PA.
    Mixed by Ethan Bifano

    Upon A Pillar Of Salt” (2009) - Anthony Masington on Vocals and Synth, Myk Londino -Guitar, Estil Holliday - Bass, Eric Blackway - Guitar, backing vocals, Bryan Mills - Drums/Backing vocals
    Recorded at Mackie Studio and Studio K
    Mixed by Anthony Masington

    Oceanic Refuge 80’s Mix” (2010) (off of the A Scream For The Memory album “Pilgrims, Nomads, and Artisans!!!“(2011)) - Anthony Masington on all instruments and vocals, Misty Mason - Vocals
    Recorded at Studio K in Trevose, PA
    Mixed by Anthony Masington

    Infidel Musk(You Are)” (2005) - Anthony Masington - Vocals/Guitar/Synth/Programming/Bass, Bryan Mills - Drums
    Recorded at Studio K in Trevose, PA and Applehead Recording in Woodstock, NY
    Mixed by Chris Bittner and Anthony Masington

    Frozen Lips to the Chalice” (2007) -
    Music by Copy Your Idols, Vocals by Anthony Masington
    Recorded at Studio K in Trevose, PA
    Mixed by Gary Klatt and Anthony Masington

    The Algorithm” (2010) -
    Music by Chris Bittner and Dirty Ern, Bass - Chris Bittner, Guitar - Chris Bittner, Drums - Chris Gartmann(of Three), Vocals by Anthony Masington
    Recorded at Applehead Recording in Woodstock, NY and Studio K in Trevose, PA

    “Pass The Masochist (Into The Heart of Madness)” (2010) -
    Music by Dave Parker, Vocals and Guitar by Anthony Masington
    Recorded at Dave’s Apartment in NY and Studio K in Trevose, PA
    Mixed by Anthony Masington and Dave Parker

    The Great Act Of Failure” (2007) -
    Anthony Masington - Vocals/Guitar/Percussion/Bass
    CJ Coulter - Drums/Percussion
    Dave Parker - Synth/Programming
    Recorded at Darkworld Studio in Kingston, NY
    Mixed by Dave Parker
  • Help me find as many 2011 releases to enjoy and review!!!

    31 Jan 2011, 10:40 by arilitt

    I am constantly looking for new music to enjoy and review. Right now I have a list of releases, but I know there are more out there I do not know about. Please help me find albums to review. Each release must have at least 3 songs and be at least 15 minutes long. I am looking for releases of any of the following genres:
    Indie-Pop, Indie-Rock, Post-Rock, Math Rock, Progressive Rock, Punk, Pop-Punk, Post-Punk, Progressive Punk, Hardcore, Post-Hardcore, Progressive Hardcore, Shoegaze, Avant-Garde, Experimental, Psychedelic, Noise-Rock, (Real) Emo, Post-Emo, Screamo, Thrash-Metal, Doom-Metal, Black-Metal, Death-Metal, Progressive Metal, Post-Metal, Stoner Metal, Sludge, Ska, Ska-Punk, Reggae, Orgcore, Folk, Alt-Country, Singer Songwriter…or anything along those lines.

    Here are the releases I know of those far:
    Telekinesis- 12 Desperate Straight Lines
    Rabbits- Lower Forms
    Misery- Evil is Crowned
    The Dears- Degeneration Street
    Wires Under Tension- Light Science
    Cage the Elephant- Thank You Happy Birthday
    Wire -Red Barked Tree
    Tapes 'N Tapes -Outside
    Mind Spiders -Mind Spiders
    Lemuria -Pebble
    Byrds Of Paradise -Teenage Symphonies
    British Sea Power -Valhalla Dancehall
    Young Prisms -Friends For Now
    Social Distortion -Hard Times And Nursery Rhymes
    Decemberists -The King Is Dead
    My Disco -Little Joy
    Iron And Wine -Kiss Each Other Clean
    Harvey Milk -A Small Turn Of Human Kindness
    Get Up Kids -There Are Rules
    Gang Of Four -Content
    Deerhoof -Deerhoof Vs. Evil
    Windmills By The Ocean -II
    Okkervil River -Mermaid
    Reaganomics -Lower The Bar
    Mogwai -Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will
    Huxtables -We Have Heads
    Chixdiggit -Safeways Here We Come
    Bright Eyes -The People's Key
    Andrew Jackson Jihad -Candy Cigarettes, Capguns, Issue Problems And Such
    And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead -Tao Of The Dead
    Darkest Hour -The Human Romance
    Sonic Youth -Simon Werner A Disparu
    Rural Alberta Advantage -Departing
    Citizen Fish -Goods
    Rival Schools -Pedals
    Dance Gavin Dance -Downtown Battle Mountain II
    Screeching Weasel -First World Manifesto
    J Mascis -Several Shades Of Why
    Obits -Moody, Standard And Poor
    Hunx And His Punx -Too Young To Be In Love
    Yuck- Yuck
    Tahiti 80- The Past, The Present and the Possible
    Trap Them-Darker Handcraft
    Maritime-Human Hearts
    The Pains of Being Pure at Heart- Belong
    Protest the Hero- TBA
    Cavalera Conspiracy- Blunt Force Trauma
    The Mountain Goats- All Eternals Deck
    Small Brown Bike- Fell and Found
    The Twilight Singers-Dynamite Steps
    Thomas Giles- Pulse
    The Skull Defekts- Peer Amid
    Crowbar- Sver the Wicked Hand
    Football, etc- The Draft
    Cloudmouth - That Ghost Is Always With Me
    Perfect Future/List split 12’’
    Joan of Arc- Oh Brother
  • rodus: It's 'More Natural' Not Having a Release Date Posted on Dec 21st 2010 11:00AM…

    31 Jan 2011, 07:38 by sevensciences

    Frodus: It's 'More Natural' Not Having a Release Date
    Posted on Dec 21st 2010 11:00AM by Matt Debenedictis 1 Comments
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    FrodusShannon Wang
    When word rang out that the noise machine of Frodus would be releasing new material -- as founders Shelby Cinca and Jason Hamacher regrouped from 10 years of inactivity -- all conversations turned to asking when to expect what was being recorded with Dillinger Escape Plan bassist Liam Wilson. No release date was announced, however. One day, 'Soundlab One' was unleashed without warning. Cinca told Noisecreep that it was not only the plan, but it might be the way more bands should approach album releases.

    "I never understood in the digital age the whole thing of sending press people the stuff earlier, and then it leaks anyway and it's on Rapidshare and Mediafire and all these different sites. Because if people want to hear it, they'll find the press copy," the guitarist admitted, explaining the band's method. "[No release date] makes more sense in the way people consume music than staggering it for the elite few that get to hear it, and the masses have to wait. It seemed more natural in the way people want to consume information -- everything is there all at once."

    You can't really argue with that logic when most people will download an album -- legally or illegally -- rather than take a five-minute drive to their local record shop. Cinca is far from alone in thinking this an old model. He cites Jack White's band the Raconteurs as an example of a big label band that took the same approach, releasing their last album without the knowledge of the press to push it.

    "I don't know how we could have hyped it, honesty; send it to Alternative Press and try to get them to write about it and do features? I mean they're going to write about it anyway if they like it or not, whether it's before it comes out or the day it comes out."

    To get the single out in a way that involved fewer hands in their and the fans' pockets, Cinca opted to set everything up with Bandcamp, a site he's used for his electronica side project Triobelisk and data punk outfit Frantic Mantis. The 'Soundlab' site boasts that "no multi-national corporations will receive any percentage."

    "I like that it gives a way for the artist to release the music and have this great user experience opposed to all these other sites that are out there," said Cinca. "And it helps smaller labels. It makes the most sense I think."

    This looks like many more of these smaller releases are on the way as CInca explains that the 'Soundlab' idea is to explore experimentations with different musicians. "The second 'Soundlab' could be with members of Norma Jean or ex-members of Refused or something. It's just our friends from being a band, that's kind of the idea."

    He continued, "For me I'd almost like for it to be separated from Frodus, like the Frodus Soundlab as its own thing. I always like doing new stuff so I'd like to have enough songs to do newer songs and some of the older ones and kind of progress."

    Download Frodus Songs | Buy Frodus Albums

    18 Jan 2011, 09:19 by sevensciences


    1. TEPHRA
    2. DIE! DIE! DIE!


    This Wednesday we will start taking preorders for the new stunning full-length by TEPHRA entitled "Tempel“. This will be available on 18th February on CD and limited LP. It will already be digital available from 4th February on our Bandcamp site, iTunes or any other platform.

    Order page:

    The first 100 orders will receive LIMITED EDITION COLORED VINYL !!! There will also be a limited t-shirt available. It will be just available with the PREORDER and only through GOLDEN ANTENNA!
    You can win one of the LP Box set. All you have to do is sign up for the Golden Antenna newsletter on our website and cross your fingers! The lucky winner will be announced through our website on 18th February.


    500 copies total
    375 black vinyl
    100 orange vinyl
    25 orange vinyl comes in Box Tour Edition

    [please DO NOT ASK for the box set, it`s really only available at the shows]

    DIE! DIE! DIE!

    Hell yeah. Another stranded band from New Zealand finding it`s home in the bay of Golden Antenna Records. DIE! DIE! DIE! from Auckland. Produced and recorded by Nick Roughan (The Skeptics), FORM is Die! Die! Die! like you have never heard. It is the album they always wanted to write, and the one you knew they would. It calls upon all the parts, plus more, that makes this band so exciting but never allows you to stop and put your finger on one. Is it noise pop? Post punk? Shoe gaze? Noise/ post/ gaze/pop?

    Remember the first time you saw a band that blew your mind right open? Die! Die! Die! is all about doing that: a sense of danger, hunger and heat - qualities that so many current groups guilelessly miss.- The Guardian.
    It’s all squeals and yelps, tornado riffs and frantic battered drums – and if that’s not enough for you, it’s emotional, danceable and catchy to boot. – NME

    We are more than happy to announce that we will re-release "FORM" on 1st April on CD/ Limited LP / Digital. It was originally released last year in New Zealand by famous Flying Nun Records.
    The band will embark on a five weeks tour in April and May conquering Europe from North to South!

    We will have a full stream of this record available soon.


    Due to the overwhelming response, there will be a repress of the Maserati "Pyramid Of The Sun" LP right in time for their europen tour. 300 copies, white vinyl. The rest will be the same amazing packaging that you seem to love as much as we do. We hope to see you at one the shows of their european tour in March. This is maybe the last chance you get to see this band live.


    IRA are nearly done tracking done their new record which will be a mini-album with four songs.
    KERRETTA will record their new record soon, so we think it will be out in fall this year.
    DATURAH are taking a break from playing live in order to focus on new songs. We hope they`ll have a new record out this year, too. Keep your fingers crossed!

    More news on all of this when they roll in.


    11.03.11 DE – Lörrach, Altes Wasserwerk (headlining show)
    12.03.11 DE – Balingen, The Bar w/ Pigeon Toe
    23.04.11 DE – Balingen, Festival
    17.09.11 DE – Weingarten, U&D w/ Monochrome, The Serpentines

    [presented by Visions, Eclipsed, Slam & Music Scan]
    03.03.11 DE-Berlin, Lido *
    04.03.11 DE-Würzburg, Cairo *
    05.03.11 DE-Leipzig, Zoro *
    06.03.11 RU-Moscow, 16 Tons Club
    07.03.11 DE-Dresden, AZ Conni
    08.03.11 CZ-Prag, 007 *
    09.03.11 DE-München, Kafe Kult *
    10.03.11 IT-Milano, Magnolia
    11.03.11 F-Lyon, Sonic
    12.03.11 F-Paris, Le Batofar
    13.03.11 DE-Freiburg, White Rabbit
    14.03.11 LUX-Luxembourg, Exit07
    15.03.11 NL-Den Bosch, W2
    16.03.11 DE-Hamburg, Hafenklang *
    17.03.11 DE-Bochum, Bahnhof Langendreer *
    18.03.11 DE-Esslingen, Komma *
    19.03.11 DE-Braunschweig, Nexus *
    20.03.11 GR-Athens, Gagarin 205
    22.03.11 NOR-Oslo, Kampen Bistro
    23.03.11 SWE-Stockholm, Fritz’s Corner

    * w/ Günter Schickert & Frauke Helwes

    [presented by Allschools, Music Scan, Ox, Triggerfish]
    20.02.11 A-Wien, Arena w/ Blacktush/ Howl
    21.02.11 GER-München, Feierwerk
    24.02.11 GER-Bremen, MS Treue
    25.02.11 GER-Berlin, Cassiopeia w/ Abrakadabra
    02.03.11 GER-Hamburg, Hafenklang w/ Abrakadabra
    05.03.11 GER-Münster, Sputnik Cafe
    11.03.11 GER-Köln, MTC w/ Truckfighters

    ...more tourdates coming soon...

    Golden Antenna Records
    GOLDEN 008: Ira - Visions of a landscape CD/ 2xLP/ Digital
    GOLDEN 009: Kerretta - Vilayer CD/ LP
    GOLDEN 010: My Education - Sunrise CD
    GOLDEN 011: Del Rey - Immemorial CD/ LP/ Digital
    GOLDEN 012: Maserati - Pyramid Of The Sun CD/ LP (Out NOW!!!)
    GOLDEN 013: Tephra - Tempel CD/ LP/ Digital (Out 14th February!)
    GOLDEN 014: Die! Die! Die! - Form CD/ LP / Digital (Out 1st April!)

    R.I.P. Gerhardt "Jerry" Fuchs (1974-2009)
    You will never be forgotten!