• Sorrow Leads To Salvation - Wound Theory. Act I: Ghost (2015) EP

    7 Apr 2015, 10:14 by FudoKazuki

    «Strongly Recommended!» — Simon Raymonde (Cocteau Twins / Amazing Radio Host)

    After two successful LP’s «Million Years Of Sorrow» and «The End Of Harmony» Ultra Vague Recordings (UVR) is glad to present «Wound Theory. Act I: Ghost», a new release by Sorrow Leads To Salvation, Kiev based electronic project. It’s a first part of a conceptual EP’s series sharing one plot and sounding, yet SLTS keeps looking for new forms for his musical ideas embodiment. The author describes it as a gloomy and melancholic fairytale about dark corners, ghosts and forgotten gods.


    released 31 March 2015

    «Bleib am Kreuzweg stehn
    küsse die Erde, die du besudelt,
    vor der du gesündigt hast
    verneige dich dann vor aller Welt
    sage allen laut:
    Ich bin der Mörder»


    All Music Is Written by Adam Maylow aka Sorrow Leads To Salvation

    Cover art: Alyona Lobanova

    Label: Ultra Vague Recordings
  • US TPP Negotiators Accused Of Bullying; Refusing To Budge On Ridiculous IP And…

    27 Nov 2013, 00:13 by Milkshake8

    This is hardly a surprise, but more reports are coming out revealing that the US's ongoing strategy in negotiating the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) agreement is to not take into account the many, many concerns about the US's hardline, maximalist position on both intellectual property issues and efforts to give corporations sovereignty over national laws under the misleadingly named (and purposely boring) "investor state dispute settlements" (ISDS). You would think that with widespread dissection and concerns expressed about the leaked intellectual property chapter, that the USTR might possibly ease up on its crazy maximalist demands. Not so -- but that's to be expected when you have Stan McCoy as the lead negotiator on intellectual property issues. McCoy is a famed extreme maximalist on IP issues who has more or less admitted to having no interest at all in hearing from public interest groups, while lapping up any opportunity to parrot bogus claims from the industry. McCoy was the same guy behind the embarassing disaster known as ACTA, which flopped so miserably. You'd think he'd take a hint, but instead it appears he's decided to dig in his heels and make sure the US continues to live up to its reputation as an obnoxious bully.

    Multiple reports have called out the US (and McCoy in particular) for its aggression and "bullying" in the negotiations. Others have accused the US of engaging in a "negotiation by exhaustion," in which US negotiators seem to figure if they just stand their ground forever, everyone will eventually be bullied into agreeing to the US's positions.

    ‘The US has adopted a strategy of exhaustion in its bullying of negotiators on the crucial intellectual property chapter to force countries to trade away health in the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement negotiations in Salt Lake City’, according to Professor Jane Kelsey from the University of Auckland, New Zealand, who is monitoring the negotiations.

    ‘The US has stepped up its aggression as they move towards their "end point" of the TPPA ministerial meeting in Singapore from 7 to 10 December’, said Professor Kelsey.

    [....] ‘This is a loaded game’, Professor Kelsey said. ‘McCoy sets the agenda and timetable. Negotiators are working from morning until late at night and preparing to work all night, if necessary.’

    The second link above, from a publication in Australia, notes something similar and complains about the Australian government's seeming willingness to side with the US on these issues:

    The United States has been accused of negotiation by exhaustion in last-minute talks in Salt Lake City ahead of the final ministers' meeting that will decide the makeup of the Trans Pacific trade deal between Australia and eleven other nations.

    Information leaking from the closed official-level talks suggests the United States is giving no ground on questions of intellectual property and medicines and is insisting each nation sign up to so-called Investor State Dispute Settlement provisions that would allow global corporations to sue sovereign governments.

    [....] “What is happening is not a negotiation,” said Patricia Ranald, Convenor of the Australian Fair Trade Network. “The United States is dictating the terms and it seems the Australian Government is not prepared to join other governments which are resisting these demands

    While Stan McCoy plays out his own last stand game, pushing for policies that may help a few of his friends in the industry at the expense of the public, hopefully that last point -- about other governments resisting McCoy's attempt to bully them into a really bad deal -- stays true. An analysis of the positions on the IP Chapter, done by Gabriel Michael, highlighted how the US's position is a lot more isolated than it might like. That may explain the bullying behavior. It looks like the USTR is getting desperate, realizing its usual tricks and games aren't fooling most of the other negotiators. As Michael's analysis showed, the US and Japan (two of the strongest supporters of maximalism) appear to be fairly isolated -- issuing a lot more proposals that no one else supports.

    Of course, the USTR is somewhat famous for its ability to start horse trading, promising bogus sweetheart deals if people just agree to awful language that will do massive harm to the public, so it's still something to be quite nervous about until any final text is revealed. Of course, just the fact that the USTR has still refused to reveal the text itself should be reason enough to recognize that this deal is a joke designed to screw over the public. Those acting in the interest of the public don't hide their efforts from the public.
    By Mike Masnick
  • thvn - Butterfly Effect (2013) / Ultra Vague Recordings

    6 Nov 2013, 21:39 by FudoKazuki

    thvn - butterfly effect (2013) / Ultra Vague Recordings

    Label: Ultra Vague Recordings
    Catalog#: uvr1307
    Release date: 15.10.2013
    Format: mp3
    Quality: 320
    Size: 75Mb
    Style: , ,

    thvn (short from "to heaven") is a Zaporozhie based Ukrainian 18 years old electronic bedroom producer.

    Представляем альбом Butterfly Effect от thvn, восемнадцатилетнего продюсера из Украины. Всю музыку thvn (производное от To Heaven) создает в своей домашней студии на компьютере. Альбом вышел на лейбле Ultra Vague Recordings 11 октября.


    1. butterfly effect
    2. the storm inside me
    3. tides
    4. 21
    5. journey to the bottom
    6. you float like a feather
    7. my heart
    8. sleepy
    9. nausea


    31 Aug 2013, 08:40 by FudoKazuki

    18 сентября в Киеве, в рамках ГОГОЛЬFEST 2013, на территории АртЗавода, пройдет первый фестиваль лейбла Ultra Vague Recordings с участием ИЯ, Sophie Villy,Cherokey, MaiaK и QNG.

    Пожалуйста, помечайте ваши посты и фото хэштегом #ultravague
    18 Sept. our festival is to take place in Kyiv. It's gonna be ULTRA VAGUE ГОГОЛЬFEST Night w/ ИЯ, Sophie Villy, Cherokey, MaiaK and QNG

    Please, hashtag it with #ultravague

    "I've always cherished the hope for Ultra Vague Recordings (UVR) to have it's own festival and thanks to Gogolfest team it's going to happen this fall."
    - Fudo Kazuki / Ultra Vague recordings, CEO
  • Liquid Bear still plays on Android

    18 Dec 2012, 19:22 by Milkshake8

    When killed its radio stations for most of the world, KLastFM and CoboltFM stopped playing.

    But that doesn't mean that radio for Android is dead, because alternative player Liquid Bear rocks on.

    Liquid Bear uses a trick to bypass all those silly restrictions: it uses your data to make playlists, and then pulls the songs from (the russian answer to Facebook). This means that you need a account and a account, but you can simply make an "empty" account with a fantasy name to tap into it's music collection.

    That's a clever solution that other apps might use as well. CoboltFM and KLastFM could use the route, or they could play custom radio stations by pulling the songs from Grooveshark. Grooveshark clients like Dood's Music Streamer and TinyShark could integrate in a similar way.

    Liquid Bear has three main tabs. The left tab is the current playlist, which is built from whatever you select in the right tab. This tab lets you make radio stations based on tags, artists, your own library or the music libraries of your friends, etc. The central tab shows what's playing now, with album art and playback controls.

    Want to see lyrics? You can load 'em from the playback tab (hit the drop-shaped icon) or by long-tapping a song in the playlist.

    The playlist is also the place where Liquid Bear shows that it needs some work done. You can't change the order of the songs in the list, the search box shows white text on a light grey background (it may be different on your phone or tablet), deleting songs ahead of the currently playing track pauses playback, and removing songs already played stops the current track and skips to the next. The playback screen shows elapsed time but doesn't show the song duration, even though it could: if you pull the playback slider it shows how much time remains, so Liquid Bear could show that in the empty space next to the forward button.

    But these are minor shortcomings for an app that does what other players can do no more.

    Liquid Bear is free, and I couldn't find any ads in it. It's definitely worth a try, so head to the Google Play Store to get a copy.

    Liquid Bear
  • Core Yatis - Core Yatis (2013) / Ultra Vague Recordings

    21 Jul 2013, 19:05 by FudoKazuki

    Core Yatis - one album project of art experiments with beats, analog synthesizers, orchestral and ethnic instruments and vocals.

    Core Yatis
    Album: Core Yatis
    Year: 2013
    Genre: World Electronic, ,
    Label: Ultra Vague Recordings (UVR)
    Recorded and mixed during 2012-2013 at 211 Recording Studio (Kyiv/ Ukraine)
    Mastered at Optimum mastering studio by Shawn Joseph (Bristol/UK)
    Produced by Alex Shulga and Olena Bilous
    Mixed by Alex Shulga

    Olena Bilous - vocals, violins, Wurlitzer, grand piano, backing vocals, album cover painter
    Alex Shulga - music production, performing, programming, recording, editing, mixing
    Olena Pavlova - saxophones in Izytami
    Vlad Mohgilniy and Maryan Gysiak - recording and performing fx's in Taina
    Kobzaruk Evgen - recording assistance in Nateya


    01. Time
    02. Tory
    03. Taina
    04. Izytami
    05. Nateya
    06. Izangto
    07. Neft
    08. Ana Hia Sou
    09. Rannet

    Ultra Vague Recordings

    2013 UVR promo group

    Download Lossless:
  • RIAA Makes Drastic Employee Cuts as Revenue Plummets

    26 May 2013, 18:54 by Milkshake8

    New tax records reveal that the RIAA has made heavy employee cuts after revenue dropped to a new low. Over the past two years the major record labels have cut back their membership dues from $33.6 to $23.6 million. RIAA staff plunged from 107 to 60 workers in the same period. The IRS filing further shows that the music industry group paid $250,000 to the six strikes Anti-Piracy system.

    The RIAA has submitted its latest tax filing to the IRS, covering the fiscal year ending March 31, 2012.

    The figures follow the trend we spotted last year and show a massive decline in revenue for the music group. In just two years overall revenue has reduced from to $34.8 to $24.8 million.

    For decades the RIAA has been the anti-piracy Bastion of the Music Industry, but the new numbers show that the group’s financial power is Weakening.

    The drop in income can be solely attributed to lower membership dues from the major music labels. Over the past two years label contributions have dropped to $23.6 million, and over a three-year period The Labels cut back a total of $30 million, which is more than the RIAA’s total income today.

    The Cutbacks are not immediately apparent from the salaries paid to the top executives. RIAA Chairman and CEO Cary Sherman, for example, earned $1.46 million compared to $1.37 million the year before. Senior Executive Vice President Mitch Glazier also saw a modest rise in income from $618,946 to $642,591.

    A lot of the revenue decline has translated into employee cuts. Over a two year period the number of RIAA employees has been slashed almost in half from 107 to just 60.

    RIAA’s Spacious Washington Office

    The reduction in legal costs is even more significant, going from to $6.4 million to $1.2 million in two years. In part, this reduction was accomplished by no longer targeting individual file-sharers in copyright infringement lawsuits, which is a losing exercise for the group.

    Looking through other income we see that the RIAA received $196,378 in “anti-piracy restitution,” coming from the damages awarded in lawsuits against Limewire and such.

    Finally, the tax filing also reveals that the RIAA paid $250,000 to the Center of Copyright Information for the “six strikesScheme. Together with the MPAA the RIAA coughs up half of the CCI budget, but since the fiscal year ended March 2012 it’s probably not the full year payment.

    Overall the filing appears to suggest that The Major Labels believe that The RIAA can operate with fewer funds. This is a trend that has been going on for a few years and it will be interesting to see how long it continues.
    By Ernesto
  • Spotify pushing labels to lower costs, open up free service to phones - Streaming…

    25 Feb 2013, 21:43 by Milkshake8

    Spotify, the Popular Music subscription service, is due to meet in the coming weeks with its major counterparts in the record industry to renew their licensing agreements. The Verge has learned that managers at Spotify are expected to ask for substantial price breaks from the music labels as well as the rights to extend its free pricing tier to mobile devices.

    The Stockholm-based Spotify has already started negotiations with Warner Music and will begin talks with Sony and Universal in the coming weeks, according to several music industry sources. (A Spotify spokesperson declined to comment on this story.) These negotiations with music’s "big three" labels will likely go a long way to determining whether Spotify reaches profitability, a crucial threshold as it increasingly competes with Apple and other cash-rich players in the digital music market.

    Fans and casual observers might think Spotify has already won the streaming music war because of its large and growing audience. But while Spotify has amassed a following of 5 million paying subscribers and 20 million total users worldwide, its business model is still unproven.

    About 70 percent of Spotify’s revenues pays music-licensing fees while another 20 percent covers customer acquisition, these sources said. That leaves 10 percent to pay all of the company’s other costs, including its much praised technology platform. Insiders have told The Verge that this cost structure zeroes out Spotify’s profits.

    Any attempts to plead poverty by Spotify are likely to be met with skepticism by the recording industry. For years, music acts have reported receiving far skimpier royalty checks from Spotify than from other music services, such as itunes. Some acts, including Coldplay, Adele, and Taylor Swift, have refused to distribute their songs through Spotify and other subscription services (It's important to note that many of these holdouts are now on the service). Meanwhile, Spotify raised $100 million last year in its latest funding round. If artists bail on Spotify, it doesn’t matter what cuts labels might be willing to accept. Everyone loses.

    Record company executives have heard for a decade that they need to cut prices. The Industry doesn’t appear to be willing to give much ground. Internet radio service Pandora is lobbying Congress to lower its statutory rates for Playing Songs. The record companies are spending big to thwart the attempt.

    The record companies have plenty of Digital Music alternatives to Spotify. Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Sony are all companies with very deep pockets who sell music at razor-thin margins or even at a loss. To these companies, music is just one of the ways that they sex up their other businesses.

    Simple rate renegotiation isn’t the only thing on the table. According to sources, Spotify is also trying to convince the labels to extend its ad-supported free tier for mobile devices, offering "more of a taste" than the current 30 day trial. Restricting mobile to paying or pro subscribers limits both the total number of Spotify customers and their overall usage. But it’s a risky bet. Without access to Mobile Music as an incentive, will users continue to convert from ad-supported to paid subscriptions? Or is it users’ inability to see the value of Spotify on mobile that makes them less likely to buy in?

    Spotify is still in a good negotiating position. Apple remains the leader in Online Music distribution but overall, sales of Music Downloads have slowed to a trickle. Downloads just aren't making up for The Decline in CD sales. We keep hearing that Apple is going to launch a subscription radio service similar to Pandora, but music industry sources say Apple and the labels are still far apart on licensing. As for Google and the others, their music offerings have yet to ignite much interest.

    The broad trends all favor subscription streaming on a wide range of devices, and Spotify is the only subscription service that has generated real scale. The Labels are big fans of the subscription model, which gives them predictable income across their entire catalog. The Major Labels have a vested interest in making sure subscription-based music continues to grow and thrive.

    Also in Spotify’s favor: in some markets, the company is close to converting 20 percent of its users of the free service to a paid plan, sources said. If Spotify can parlay its current pole position into more favorable rates, it may be able to retain its lead even as giants like Amazon and Apple come nipping at its heels.

    While it’s unclear exactly how far the two sides are willing to bend, It’s inconceivable that The Labels or Spotify would walk away without a deal.

    "Everybody in The Industry wants to see Spotify succeed," one industry insider told The Verge. "Nobody in the industry can afford to see them go down the tubes."

    Tim Carmody and Ben Popper contributed to this report.
    By Greg Sandoval
  • VLast - Музыка ВКонтакте для Android

    7 Jan 2013, 18:43 by protoss5482

    VLast - это самый популярный аудио плеер ВКонтакте для Android устройств. В плеере вы можете слушать аудиозаписи исполнителей, плейлисты пользователей ласт.фм и ВКонтакте

    В главном меню приложения вы можете выбрать исполнителя или группу, причём если вы используете свою учётную запись от ласт.фм вам будет доступен быстрый список наиболее любимых вами исполнителей, а так же будет предложены рекомендованные исполнители подобранные под ваши музыкальные вкусы. Следующий пункт меню «Пользователи ласт.фм», выбрав его можно будет выбрать вашу страницу, страницу друга либо пользователя с наиболее похожими музыкальными вкусами. Радио микс – меню для смешивания радиостанций исполнителей, пользователей и стилей. Меню ВКонтакте представляет собой набор разделов, в которых может быть представлены аудиозаписи. Оффлайн плейлист – это сохранённые пользователем аудиозаписи. В следующем пункте вы можете послушать радио, выбрав стиль.

    Кроме обычных функций плеера в приложение встроен ласт.фм скробблер и уведомление в статус ВКонтакте. Вы можете добавлять аудиозаписи в любимые композиции ласт.фм, кидать себе на стену или стену друга или просто сохранять на карту памяти для прослушивания по дороге в институт или на работу. В приложении доступны тексты песен и поиск видеозаписей в YouTube, фото альбомы и wiki-страницы исполнителей.

    Возможности приложения:
    • Плейлисты пользователей и групп ВКонтакте.
    • Аудиозаписи из новостей ВКонтакте.
    • Аудиозаписи из закладок ВКонтакте.
    • Рекомендации и радио ВКонтакте.
    • Аудиозаписи со стен пользователей и групп ВКонтакте.
    • Радио по исполнителям, пользователям ласт.фм и стилю.
    • Альбомы и списки аудио записей исполнителей и групп.
    • Скробблер ласт.фм и уведомления в статус ВКонтакте.
    • Сохранение аудио записей в собственный плейлист ВКонтакте.
    • Добавление в любимые аудиозаписи ласт.фм.
    • Сохранение песен в оффлайн список как в официальном приложении.
    • Отправка аудио записей на свою стену или стену друга.
    • Просмотр текстов песен и wiki страниц исполнителей.
    • Фото галерея исполнителей с возможностью сохранять на карту памяти.
    • Поиск клипов в YouTube.
    • Поиск и добавление текстов песен к своему плейлисту ВКонтакте.
    • Воспроизведение аудио записей из папок устройства.

    Официальная группа ВКонтакте VLastGroup

    14 Dec 2012, 17:21 by phlatlinerussia


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